Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I've been reading a couple of friends' blogs and they have really gotten me inspired to get off my butt and start doing the things that I want to be doing instead of putting it off and putting it off.  my last post was about exercise and eating right and this post is about getting my gardens ready.  Hopefully the weather this week will allow me to get out and start cleaning out my gardens.  The front gardens and the side garden really need to be raked out so that the new plants can really break through.  It's been good that we have held off because we did get an April fool's day storm and this way the plants were protected.

I know that the weather here in the northeast can be a little finicky and even though we have some nice warm days, that doesn't always mean that those days are here to stay.  I am looking forward to having the warm weather here to stay at least for a few months.  I know that I will probably be cursing the heat and I will need to remind myself of how much I hated the cold and how little we could do.  Being outside and working in my veggie and my flower gardens are activities that I am really looking forward to.  I love being outside, I love gardening, and I can't wait to, hopefully, get my kids involved too.  I can't wait to have fresh local foods too!


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  1. wasn't that storm terrible!!! the good news is the bulbs are starting to pop out of the ground, the buds are coming out on the lilacs and the grass is slowly making an appearance! rumor has it that we may see 50's this weekend too!!!