Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wishcasting Wednesday: How do you wish to spend your time? (a day late)

It's Wednesday again and that means it's time for Wishcasting Wednesday.  This week we are asked:        

"How do you wish to spend your time?"

A simple answer to this question is: "I wish to spend my time following through with the goals that I set of myself at the beginning of the year". 
  1.  I wish to make time to get myself healthy.  By this, I mean exercise and eating right.  I have started walking/running every other day and am starting to feel pretty good.  I still have a long way to go, but I no longer ache after I finish my exercise.  I would love to add yoga and/or meditation to my routine.  As far as eating healthy, I still have a way to go.  I am doing well with drinking my green smoothies in the morning, but I am still having trouble throughout the day.  This is something I will continue to work on.  I am also trying to remember to drink my water kefir instead of soda.
  2. I want to make time to get my life organized.  Again this is something that I am am working on.  I have started going through my craft supplies and am starting to purge somethings.  After purging, I have started to get an organization system.  I also want to get more organized so that I can have a cleaner house.
  3. I want to make time to be creative.  I have been crocheting and trying to get my unfinished projects completed.  I am trying to use up the supplies I have instead of buying new and adding to the lack of room that I already have.
  4. I wish to spend time learning about new things.  I want to learn more about essential oils, gardening, and herbs as well as getting better with the creative things that I like to do.  I want to learn more about growing herbs and using them.  I want to learn more about using essential oils for me and my family.  I want to learn more about how to have a good healthy garden so that I can use that to feed my family instead of relying on the store.  I'm sure that there is more that I want to learn, but that is what I can think of now.
  5. I wish to spend more quality time with my kids.  I am looking to spend some time homeschooling my twins for their first preschool year.  It is so expensive to send 2 kids to preschool for 2 years.  I think it will be good for them to go for 1 year, but I don't know that 2 is necessary.  I also want to spend more time encouraging them to be creative and not really worrying about the mess that they make.  I also want to make sure that I spend quality time with my husband!
For now this is where I wish to spend my time.  How do you wish to spend your time?


Monday, February 6, 2012

Newest Projects Completed

Since I have a few goals that I am working on, I decided to take a look at my WIP's (works in progress).  I decided that I had 2 partial granny squares that actually just needed to have the ends weaved in and they would make perfect blankets, one for my 3 year old daughter, and one for her baby Belle.  This means, that I have 2 partial projects that are now complete and have homes.  Now on to either finishing more WIP's or starting new projects so that I can use up all the supplies that I have accumulated.  Maybe if I can get some things made that look nice, I can actually start my site.  I am definitely thinking making small quick projects that will be easy to complete and not take up too much time so that I can maybe make some money, instead of spending a ton of time trying to complete a project and then not being able to charge enough to make it worth it.

My daughter with her single granny square blanket

My daughter's baby Belle with her single granny square blanket

My twins with the single granny square blanket

On to completing more projects!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Shyness, Introverted Personality and Goal of Selling

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post.  It's kind of amazing how many people can share similar feelings.

After writing this post, I kept thinking about it, especially after reading each comment.  Along with being an introverted person, I am very shy.  I have been trying to work on my shyness as well as trying to be more out there when it comes to larger group settings.  There are times, even in my professional career where I have to be able to deal with group situations, not just one on one situations.

One of my goals is to maybe start an page and also sell at craft fairs.  Being an introvert makes this goal really difficult.  I attempted to help a family member a couple of years ago at a craft fair and I didn't do so well.  My shyness, my unease at trying to interact with large numbers of people, and my fear of failure (Would I say something wrong?  Would people not want to interact and talk to me?) made this more difficult.  Since I really want to try to sell things I make, maybe I can overcome some of this shyness and start being a little more extroverted and stop worrying about what others might think of me.

I love to create and my next goal within my creative goal is to organize a place and a time to create and make nice things.  I am hoping that if I can find time and a place to create where I don't have to set up and take down every time, then maybe I can actually get thing made and made well.  Maybe I can practice and work on my learning curve issue.  Part of the problem is that my brother in law is staying with us and is staying in our basement where I would normally set up my craft station.  Now that I have the kids in bed earlier and I have more time to myself at night, I would love to spend that time creating at least once in a while.

I am hoping to get more proficient and feel more comfortable so that I can believe that I can meet my goal of selling what I make!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wishcasting Wednesday:Wishcasting Wednesday: What do you wish people knew about you?

It's time once again for  Wishcasting Wednesday.  This week Jamie asks:

Wishcasting Wednesday: What do you wish people knew about you?

I wish people knew just how terrified I can get in new situations and in group settings.  I wish people knew how much I fear what others think of me.  I wish people knew how afraid I am that once they get to know me, they won't like me.  I wish people knew how fearful I am of not doing things good enough, which ultimately means that I expect to do everything perfectly the first time I do it.  I wish people knew how afraid of failure I am.  I'm not sure anyone, even my husband realizes how I feel.

I have to admit that all of this fear has gotten better the older I've gotten.  I am starting to be ok with who I am, but I still am leery of interacting in group situations and I am definitely leery of trying new things and putting myself out there, but at least now I actually attempt to interact in group situations and try new things.  I absolutely prefer one on one situations.  I have always loved having one best friend and pretty much spending all my time with them.  I am not someone who enjoys large parties or groups.  Even if I attend a large party or am in a large and even not so large group situation, I tend to spend my time interacting with one maybe two people.  

Hopefully, this is something that I will be able to overcome.  At least I am aware of this and can work on it.