Friday, April 29, 2011

Complete and Utter Failure!

Thankfully I don't have a ton of followers and not too many people read my blog.  I have been a complete and utter failure with my eating.  The only good thing I've done is try a couple of new recipes that were how I wanted to eat!  Unfortunately, I ate horrible along with them so it basically negated any good that I did.  What is it about being healthy that I can seem to follow through with?  I have a feeling that this blog is going to be more of an online therapy session for me.  It will be a place for me to talk about the issues that I have and hope that some how I can figure out what the hell is wrong with me and why I can't seem to be the healthy person that I want to be.  I will keep trying to get to the point I want to be at.  I am due to complete week2 day 3 of the C2 5K.  I am hoping that after I put the kids in bed, I can head out and go by myself.  I want to see if I do better without pushing the stroller with 2 kids. 

On a more positive note, I finished my apron for the flirty apron swap I am in.  I am always happy when I can make the tuck-ins.  For me, I feel like I want to make them since we are creating an apron.  I want to create the tuck-ins I send also.  I need to mail it out tonight and then I get to wait for my package.  I am truly loving sewing and I am pleased to say that even though it is a simple apron, I made it without a pattern and I actually love it and would have been happy to keep it for myself!

Onwards and upwards to becoming the healthy person I want to be!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

On My Way

I am starting to think that even though it is going to be a huge undertaking and I will have many set back (trying to use words that make less of a negative impact) and also times that I do good, I am ready to make some major changes to my diet.  I think it is time to start eliminating certain foods to see if they are things that I have a reaction to.  I know that I can't tell if I have a reaction unless I actually eliminate them, but I am ready.  My husband needs to follow a similar diet that I want to follow, only he doesn't need to be gluten/yeast free.  We will be pretty much be a vegan family.  He needs to cut out meat and I want to.  I need to cut out dairy and so does he.  The kids don't eat dairy. 
For dinner tonight, I made this recipe: and substituted amaranth for the quinoa.  It turned out pretty good.  It will certainly be in my dinner rotation and fits the diet that I want to be eating.  I really need to get my cookbooks/diet education books together so that I can prepare my meal plan based on the foods I should be eating.  I love my iPad.  I look up recipes, most often from blogs, and use the iPad as my own little cookbook.  I love it, but I also still love having actual books, not just the internet.  I may even start to put together binders so that I can keep hard copies of recipes from the internet, like the one above, so that if the recipe goes, I still have a copy.

Any vegan/gluten free/ yeast free websites, recipes, blogs are very much welcome.  I have a few favorite blogs that I visit and try recipes from, but would love any and all suggestions!  I will be certain to post what recipes I am trying and where they come from.  I am loving trying out new healthy recipes, I just need to maintain my health and my resolve!


Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I have been reading a ton of food/health and craft blogs lately and I am so inspired!  All I want to do know is sew and cook.  Unfortunately I have many other priorities that take precedence over my desire to do this!  Fortunately I have 3 beautiful children that need my time and attention, but I just wish that I had more time, or that they would be interested enough in sitting for a craft project so we could all do something creative.  Hopefully when they get a little older they will sit longer.  Fortunately, I have a house to clean and a job to go to that also take up my time.  All of these things are things that everyone deals with when it comes to prioritizing their lives.  The good thing is that I have a family to cook for so that helps with my desire to try out new recipes.  Unfortunately my kids take after me and are picky eaters.  I am hoping that behavior changes.  As they get older, I will explain to them how much fun it can be to try new foods!

I love reading blogs.  Any time I feel in a slump about being creative or being healthy, or being green, etc, all I need to do is read a blog and I get inspired all over again.  I just need to make time to enjoy the things I love all while taking care of myself and my family, ie: getting enough sleep!  I have written about my goals for removing tv from my life, or at least incorporating the things I need/want to do into watching tv.  I have been doing better with this, but as always it is a work in progress.  I think I need to start putting pictures on this blog.  I tend to put pictures on my family blog, but nothing really here.  I plan to put pictures of the things I create, the food I cook, and the gardens that I have. 

For now, I am off to figure out how to sew some more tonight!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Earth Day: A Little Late

Friday was Earth Day and I have been thinking about what to write for today's post. I guess, at this point, I should take an inventory of how I am actually living my life. What am I actually doing to be more green and more earth friendly?  I know I like to say that I am living a green life, but am I really? Am I just thinking that I am doing enough and I am actually following my beliefs?  Am I really following through, or do I just say that I am living green and natural?  As always, I am sure that there is more I can do, but am I really doing enough? I am sure that there is more we all can do, but is what I am doing really enough to coincide with my beliefs.

1) Cloth diapering- I haven't actually done the research myself, but I have read enough of the research that others have done to know that cloth diapering actually makes a difference.  I have been cloth diapering since my oldest was about 18 months and my twins were 7 months.  They are now almost 38 months and 27 months.  I have definitely used disposables in that time period and sometimes I find that I am using them more than I would like, but over all, my kids are cloth diapered every day!  The only regret I have is not doing it sooner.

2) Food- I would love to say that my food choices are great, but they are not.  I have gotten away from eating beans and have started eating more meat.  I'm not really liking my diet and I am trying to get back on track.  More beans, less meat and processed grains for me (which means that's how my family will eat!).

3) Exercise- I have started the C2 5K program and was doing really well.  I was getting outside with the kids and then crappy weather hit and fevers for 2 of the 3 kids.  I was really enjoying getting out and exercising instead of joining a gym.  I am hoping to get back on track tomorrow and start back up where I left off!

4) Making things-  I am doing ok at making things from scratch.  Be it food or clothing or anything, I am trying not to buy it already made!  I made the kids Easter outfits and really enjoyed doing it.  I wish I just had more time!  My next goal is to start going to thrift stores and buying things cheap and stop always using brand new using things.

5) Using More Natural Items- I have been doing alright with using natural cleansers for the house and for health and beauty products.  I want to do more.  One of my next goals is to make soap.  Then I'll actually know what is in it.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Diet and Exercise and a Healthier Me

I have really been trying to follow what I believe in regarding my diet.  Have I been able to really follow it?  No, not really.  For some reason, I tend to give up rather easily on diets.  And by diets, I mean more like what am I eating vs a diet to lose weight.  By diets, I mean, life style.  At this point in my life, so close to forty (so scary to think it is only 2 years away), I am beginning to realize thta I don't need to diet, I need to change my eating habits for life!  I need to not make short term changes, but rather long term changes that are going to see me through the rest of my life and keep me as healthy as I can be.  I need to get back to eating mroe vegetarian/vegan.  I really need to give up dairy!  Every time I eat it, I tend too eat way to much way too often.  Then, I start getting digestive issues and I end up not feeling extremely comfortable.  What I really need to do is follow through with the elimination diet so that I can really figure out what my triggers are and stop eating them.  I have a feeling that I have food intolerances not food allergies.  Why this is hard for me is, I don't always get sick right away.  Sometimes it takes a few days for me to feel the effect.  By that tiemI have eaten more because pretty much everything that I have an issue with are things that I love to eat.  As difficult as it is, I will get to a point where I am only eating what I really should be eating, not eating things that I love to eat that make me feel sick.  I hope that I will also end up really enjoying the way I eat since I will be feeling healthier.

As for exercise, my goal is to run a 5K by the summer.  I started the couch to 5K last week and am on week 2 day 2 next.  I ended up skipping week 1 day 3 by accident, but felt good at the week 2 day 1 pioint so I am just going to move forward.  I was hoping to run today since it was marathon Monday, but alas, I don't think I will make it.  I am at work til 7:30 and then I have to put the kids to bed.  I may try to go out after, but I'm not sure that my husband would like me running that late by myself..  There's nothing worong with waiting til tomorrow or even the next day since tomorrow we have a few doctor appointments with the kids.  I am going to finish the C2 5K this time and I will run a 5K.  My goal has always been to run.  I remember in junior high school my gym teacher mentioned that I should run cross country.  I was too afraid to try out and ended up in the marching band.  I was still exercising, but I so wish it had been running.  Now here's my chance to run and do it on my terms.

Even though I keep writing about getting my diet right one day, I really will start eating the way that I want to.  Unfortunately, I may just need to keep writing about my failures or set backs as my husband calls them, until I actually meet my goals.  At least I know what my goals are, now I just need to follow through.


Friday, April 15, 2011


I may have bit off more than I can chew with this one, but I really want to make clothes for the kids and I just happened upon kids clothes week challenge at, which I found through  I wasn't searching for this challenge and since I said I wanted to listen to signs, I am taking this as a sign that I should take time to sew clothes for the kids.

On my way to work today, I was thinking about how much I like sewing and how I really need to do more of it.  I started thinking maybe I should take more classes about sewing and even fashion.  I was really thinking if I should start to think about purging a lot of my other crafting supplies (not totally, just a majority of them) and really focus on specific things, like sewing.

I really enjoy pretty much any and all crafts and want to maintain the ability to make things in different crafting areas, but I really need to settle in on something that I really enjoy and really focus on doing that well.  I am thinking that since I really enjoy sewing, and it is actually a very useful craft to have, that it would be a great thing to focus on.  I still want to make jewelry, scrapbook, make cards, and do all the other things that I have supplies for, just on a smaller level.  It's going to be really important for me to seriously think about purging my craft supplies, because I just don't have the time or the space to keep it all.  I have spent way too much money in the past and I kick myself when I think about how much money I could have in the bank if I had just had some control over my craft spending.  I think I am at the point now where, even though I still get that desire to buy and learn all sorts of new crafts, I can pull myself back and just buy what I need for a current project, not things for projects that I hope to do in the future.  I hate the thought of getting rid of my supplies, but I really need to think about my time and how I want to spend it. 

Right now I want to spend my time sewing and I can really justify spending that time sewing necessary items for the house (along with sewing, knitting and crocheting).  I am seriously thinking about training in this area.  I have thought about it in the past, but have just been a little scared at the thought of doing it.  I am always fearful that I am not creative enough, that I will not do well enough,  That overall I am not good enough.  I really need to get over this in so many areas of my life, so that I am no longer held back.  It will be interesting to see if I move forward with learnign more about sewing or if I just let it sit.  It will also be interesting to see if I end up purging some of my suppplies!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Best Laid Plans

I had planned to be this natural, holistic mother/woman, but in reality, so many of my goals just don't seem to be happening.  Since I started dating my husband and learning about holistic health and holistic living, I have really wanted to change my lifestyle.  In some ways I have, but in many ways, I still need work. 

For myself, I really need to change my diet.  I often make changes and then for whatever reason, I don't follow through.  I really need to start following an anti-candida diet so that I can see if eliminating certain foods makes me feel better.  I need to stop giving into my craving and start being strong and having resolve.  I need to continue to exercise and hopefully this time, I'll meet my goal of running a 5K.  I need to continue to be creative, since I feel like this is my therapy.

For my family,there are so many goals that I had that just never came to fruition and now I have  no way of meeting those goals.  Overall, I have given myself permission to say that it is ok that I didn't meet those goals.  Sometimes, there are just certain things that get in the way that one has no control over.  One of those goals, was to have a natural child birth.  I attempted it with my older son, and due to different complications, I ended up with a c-section.  When I found out I was pregnant again, I decided I wanted a VBAC.  Then I found out it was twins, and that there would be certain requirements to meet.  I ended up not being able to have a VBAC due to my son, baby B being breech.  I had also wanted to breast feed my kids, but againthey just got a little time with breast milk, and my twins got barely anything.  Again, there were certain circumstances that contributed to this, but sometimes I wonder if I could have/sould have tried harder.  the other thing that I wanted to do was be a really great mom to my kids.  I am not trying to say that I'm a bad mom, I am just saying that there are so many things that I could an dcan do better.  I am really trying to make a point of doing what I want to do to be a great mom!

At this point, I just need to let go of the past failures and move forward with my current goals.  I need to not let any failure become something that continues to make me go down the road that I really don't want to go down.  I need to be clear with myself about what I want and what I need and make every effort to follow through.  I also need to make sure that I am honest with what I can do and not make goals that will be certain to end in failure.  My next post should probably be what those goals are so that I can have in writing what my goals are and I can make certain that they are attainable.  If I learned anything from my social work career, it is taht goals should be attainable, something just out of reach and then once you attain that goal, you can change it again.  Goals can also be changed to go backwards.  If, for some reason, I find that I can't attain the goals that I have set for myself, I can always change it to something less stringent so that I can meet that goal and feel like I have made some progress!

God, I feel like I just had a little mini therapy session with myself.  Not too many people read my blog, but I am realizing that those that do and  comment mean the world to me, and even if I don't get comments, I think it really helps me to get out what is in my head.  There is so much more I could write, but for now I will stop and start antoehr therapy session another day!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Trying to Follow My Beliefs

I am trying so hard to follow through with the reasons that I started this blog.  I don't always follow through, but I keep on trying.  I am still washing my hair, for the most part, with just water.  I do use a shampoo once in a while, but I make sure that it has no sulfates and is actually good for you to use as well as being good for the environment.  I try to use house hold cleaners that are good for you and the environment.  I try to cook things from scratch at home, but sometimes fail miserably.  I try to cook and eat healthy, but lately it seems that I am not doind as well as I could be.  I am trying to exercise, and will continue as long as the weather holds out.  I was supposed to complete day 2 of the couch to 5k today, but there was noway to do it with the rainy weather especially since I'm still getting over my cold, never mind have the kids.  I will complete it this year and I will run a 5K.  I am struggling with following through with not drinking any soda, but I have not had any for at least 1 month now!  I am trying to do better with making things.  I love to actually make handmade things, and I love to make them for others, but sometimes I just don't have the time.  The other issue is that I have this problem with being fearful that others won't like what I make, that they'll think that it's cheap ro cheezy to give a handmade gift, or that they'll just pretty much think it's worthless.  I made my daughter's Easter ooutfit, and I have to say, I don't think that it looks handmade.  I am pretty impressed with how it came out and it is making me think that I can acutally sew things for my kids without their clothes looking homemade. 

I really need to get my butt to a thrift store.  I really want to see what they have and what I can do with what I find.  I am hoping that I can find cheap items that I can up-cycle and turn into fun and funky clothes for cheap.  I just need to go and see what I find.  I wish I knew of more places to try.  The only one that I really know of is the Salvation Army on Rt 1 in Saugus.  If any of my local readers know of any places please, please let me know.  I am so inspired by  I would love to find pieces and turn them into some of the things that she does.  Also, wardrobe refashion which is supposedly shutting down has some pretty inspiring posts also.

I will keep up trying to follow through with my beliefs.  As the weather gets nicer, I'll start posting info about my garden.  I will have both my flower garden as well as my veggie garden going again this year.  I am hoping that I will have more time to spend in the garden given that the kids are a little older and will hopefully play better in our yard rather than running off into others yards!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Meeting Goals

Last night, I wrote about a few goals I had for the week.  One of those goals was to make my daughter's Easter dress.  I went home from work last night and started cutting out pattern pieces and sewing and this is the almost finished product.  The only thing I have left to do is hem it.  Now I just need to make a barrette for her to wear.  I have the stuff, I just need to make it.

My little ham

Holding onto Woody

As for my other goals, I followed through with my dinner plans for tonight for the family, but I didn't make it in time for me.  I chose as best I could at work, eggplant parm.  I still haven't had any soda, though I have craved it horribly.  I did day one of the couch to 5K yesterday and tomorrow is day 2.  I still haven't gone shopping for clothing for this time of year, but I really need something to at least cover my arms!

I haven't gotten to the Salvation Army yet.  I really want to go and see what kind of goodies I can find and what I can do with them.  I am hoping that it will spark my creative ideas and I'll do something truly creative instead of just following someone else's ideas.

As for my kids' diet, I am almost certain that Michael has an issue with dairy.  We had pizza Saturday and then he had pizza last night.  I guess I was just hoping that he could have it once in a while, so we trialed cheese.  Needless to say it was a no go.  Last night was the first night in a long time, like 2 months (probably the longest ever), that he woke in the middle of the night.  Now to be fair, all I had to do is go in and put the blanket back on him, but that has never happened since we took him off dairy.  Then this morning when I went to get him up, I noticed that there was blood on his sheets from him scratching at his arm.  He has had a little issue with scratching his back, but I'm not sure if he just kept scratching at it because it was scabbing.  I also noticed that he was snoring worse this morning, another thing that had gratly decreased since going dairy free.  I am going to be very strict with what I give him.  I don't now if I will feel comfortable giving him pre-packaged foods unless I can be sure that it is dairy free.  I may need to look into seeing if there are other foods that may be contributing to this.

I am thinking that I really need to continue with watching all of our diets.  I am thinking that losing the starchy carbs for all of us would be a positive move.  I am hoping that with the right diet, we will all start to feel better.  I need to continue to create sine it is what I truly love to do.  I really want to make sure that I complete the couch to 5K and I actually want to run a 5K.  I am thinking that I may run a 5K with another twin mom this summer.  I really will feel good to complete the program and be able to run since this is a goal I have always had.


Monday, April 11, 2011

This Weeks Goals

I have a few goals that I want to complete for this week.  The first is actually following my menu plan.  I pretty much have this week planned, now I just need to go shopping.  Unfortunately, I will have to take my 3 kids along for the ride, so I'll be making a couple of trips.  Some day, I'll get myself to a point where I get my meal plan done and I can go by myself on the weekend.  So far the meal plan looks pretty healthy and I think I can deal with it for now.  I was hoping to start the anti-candida diet, but these meals are certainly not on that diet plan.  I'm sure that I could finagle them to fit an anti-candida diet and I may just do that for me and leave it the normal way for the rest of the family.

I just started the couch to 5K program today.  I got an app for my phone and the first day went well.  I may need to buy some exercise clothing for the spring weather.  I ran in my sleeveless shirt and shorts today and while I didn't freeze, I wasn't exactly as comfortable as iI could have been.  I think I really just need some long sleeve shirts and can wear my shorts, but I may get some capri length running pants to go along with it.  I am really hoping to stick with the couch to 5k plan and really hope to run a 5k this summer, maybe with another twin mom friend.

I went to the twins sale this week to get some spring and summer stuff for the kiddos, but foolish me thought that I was meeting up with another twin mom to shop with her first, but she had meant the night before and I didn't realize it.  So, I didn't end up buying some things I need like Easter outfits.  So, my plan is to make a dress for Ms Eva Rose and then make ties for the boys.  Hopefully the material I picked out with coordinate enough to look really cute.  As much as I feel bad that the boys will be in ties, I think they are going to look adorable.

I have long wanted to shop the thrift store in the area, not that I really know of a ton, execpt for The Salvation Army on Route 1.  As much as I would love to be like the author from the blog,, I am totally nervous about going to the Salvation Army.  I don't know why, I think I have some mind block about going to a Salvation Army for clothing, but I am so inspired by that blog, that I just want to try it out.  My friend Chantal has done some great things with pieces that she has gotten from there, and I am toally inspired by her and all the things that she creates.

So, to recap, my goals are: 1) follow menu plan, 2) keep up with exercising, 3) make eater outfits, and 4) get to the Salvation Army to get some cheap ethings to re-do!


Friday, April 8, 2011

Getting Back to Creating

I signed up for another apron swap.  This time the theme is spring/gardening and I can't wait to make my apron.  I have the material which I love, and I ended up going to a Walmart that was a little further away, but ended up spending way less money than if I had gone to Joann's (though I have to admit, Walmart is one of those evils that I just have to do sometimes).  We are supposed to add in tuck ins that spell out our partners initials.  I have 2 of the 3 letter planned for, but I still need an S idea.

I often forget how much I love creating and crafting until I start reading other people's creative blogs.  I am really thinking that I want to start making clothes for me and the kids.  I'm a little nervous about them looking homemade.  I remember being that kid in school with homemade clothes and everyone knew it.  I probably need to start making things like pajamas to start practicing, then I can move on to things to wear in public.  I definitely have basic sewing skills, But I'm not sure my sewing skills are good enough for clothing (though that is a goal)

I still have my mom's prayer shawl in the works, but unfortunately, I tend to need to have multiple projects going at the same time!  I get bored quickly so I figure if I switch things up a little, I can save myself from putting it away and forgetting about it, which often happens.

I so wish that I had an actual studio where I had things set up.  I can't wait for the day that I can either create with my kids (best idea) or the day that my kids can play independently without getting into trouble.  I really wish that I had more time, or that I could figure out a way to make some of my passions, like being creative, natural living living, gardening, healthy eating/cooking, and make money at it!

I am going to figure out how to make sure that I am able to get creativity into my life everyday!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Diet Take 2!

So after writing last nights post, I started to think about what is going on in my life and where I really needed to start listening.  I am hoping to get some inspiraton on what to do with my life, but I think right now I need to listen to my body.  I am always talking about changing my diet, and I end up making some changes for a short time, but then I go back to my old ways.  Part of it is because I don't think I give my body enough time to feel better and then realize that it is worth making those changes. 

This winter has been really tough on me cold wise.  Right now I have a miserable cold that is totally kicking my ass (for the last week)!  Spring is now here in Massachusetts, and I am really wanting to get outside and exercise, play with my kids, and just plain enjoy the nice weather.  The problem,  I feel to miserable to do any of this!

I just started thinking that maybe, just maybe this is my body's way of saying "HEY, YOU, LISTEN UP!  I CAN ONLY TAKE SO MUCH OF THE JUNK YOU FEED ME.  I KNOW THAT YOU TRY TO BE GOOD, BUT YOU NEED TO TRY HARDER.  STOP EATING THE STUFF THAT YOU KNOW IS NOT GOOD FOR ME!"  If all my organs had the ability to talk, I swear that is what they would yell!  I am wondering if not eating right, and probably not taking my allergy meds is just putting to much stress on my body, so anytime a little virus/infection happens, my body has to do more to fight it?  Starting tomorrow, I am going to take my own advice and start listening.  I am going to start eating the way I know I should be eating and want to eat.  I am going to continue to not drink soda (which though hard is not all that bad).  I won't list out all the things I know I should be doing, but I will start writing about what I eat and any changes that I feel.  I really need to start drinking more water.  I have enough water bottles that I can have a ton in the fridge so that I can just refill, grab, and go.  This maybe too much to ask, but I am really hoping that this will help so many more aspects of my life, which I will write about later.

Here's to listening to my body!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Learning To Listen

I was reading one of the blogs I follow,, and the author wrote about making decisions and listening to the holy spirit/God.  While I totally believe that God, or some higher power gives us signs about how we should make certain decisions in our life, I don't feel like I am able to hear or see the signs that show me the way to go.  I feel like I end up totally making decisions based on what I think I should do vs what I truly want to do.  I have heard others say that they had a sign that helped them to make certain life changing decisions, but I for one, can't really say that I have ever felt that (ok other than knowing that I was meant to marry my husband).

I think one of the reasons that this is speaking to me know is, I am trying to figure out what I want to do with my life.  I love being a stay at home mom and only working part time, but I am not sure that when I go back to work full time, I want to do the traditional social work things that I have done in the past.  I have said this before, but I haven't done anything about it.  I have all these thoughts, hopes, dreams, desires, and I know that I can't just dream about things, I have to do some sort of action to make my dreams come to fruition, but I just don't know what.  I would love to do more with things like the idea behind this blog, something green, handmade, natural, healthy.  I'm just not sure how to do that, make money, enjoy what I do, and not totally give up the whole social work thing (though I do think that my social work training will benefit me no matter what I decide to do).

 I guess I should spend some time praying, only this time I think I should ask for the ability to see the signs that will lead me in the direction that I should be living my life not just for the signs.  I guess I only tend to pray when I want or need something.  That's actually a pretty poor picture of how someone should be praying.  I try to pray often, and just give thanks for everything that I have.  There's really not much I need to change in my life other than the direction that my professional life/career should move and how to go about doing it.  I feel like, even though it's slow, I am progressing in home organizing.  I just now need to figure out how to make my passions part of my professional path!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I've been reading a couple of friends' blogs and they have really gotten me inspired to get off my butt and start doing the things that I want to be doing instead of putting it off and putting it off.  my last post was about exercise and eating right and this post is about getting my gardens ready.  Hopefully the weather this week will allow me to get out and start cleaning out my gardens.  The front gardens and the side garden really need to be raked out so that the new plants can really break through.  It's been good that we have held off because we did get an April fool's day storm and this way the plants were protected.

I know that the weather here in the northeast can be a little finicky and even though we have some nice warm days, that doesn't always mean that those days are here to stay.  I am looking forward to having the warm weather here to stay at least for a few months.  I know that I will probably be cursing the heat and I will need to remind myself of how much I hated the cold and how little we could do.  Being outside and working in my veggie and my flower gardens are activities that I am really looking forward to.  I love being outside, I love gardening, and I can't wait to, hopefully, get my kids involved too.  I can't wait to have fresh local foods too!


Monday, April 4, 2011

Getting Back On Track!

I just read a friend's blog and she wrote about getting back in shape after having her third baby.  Right now she is dealing with some medical complications with her new daughter and for her, getting back in shape is something that she can control right now and something that she can do for herself and her daughter.  She has me inspired.  She now has three kids, one being an infant in the NICU.  I think that I, with three healthy kids, can get my ass in gear and start getting myself in shape.  I have been doing better with my diet, but definitely need to step it up quite a bit so that I am really eating what I should be.  I have been minimally active, but I really need to get it in gear and get moving.  Right now I am recovering from a massive cold and the weather prety much sucks!  That means I have not been a) motivated and b) too sick to have the energy to exercise.  I just got the couch to 5K app for my phone and hope that along with the Nike+gps app, I can get to the point of running a 5K.  I figure my little ones are 2 I should get my ass in gear and get in shape, espcieally since I wasn't in shape before I had kids!

On the food front, I really need to get back to eating better.  I am not doing totally bad, but can definitely do better.  I think weight wise, I'm doing ok, but I definitely need to lose at least 20-30 pounds!  I really need to lessen the amount of meat that I eat, increase the amount of veggies that I eat, and decrease the starches and the dairy. 

I am hoping that starting to eat right and exercising will get me healthy and in shape will help to keep me from getting sick like I have this winter.  I am also hoping that I can help to prevent any disease, or at least limit the diseases that I may be more prone to getting, such as cancer and heart disease.  I have to admit this isn't going to be easy and I know that I am going to trip up and back slide, but I really need to get my head where it needs to be and do what I need to do for my health!  My mom is currently in the hospital after her first chemo treatment and I am hoping that I never have to go through this.  Cancer is big in my family and now we have a 3 generational link from my great grandmother to my grandmother to my mother with breast cancer.  I don't want to be the 4th genereation and I want to do what ever I can to keep my body strong so that it can fight off what ever it needs to!