Friday, April 29, 2011

Complete and Utter Failure!

Thankfully I don't have a ton of followers and not too many people read my blog.  I have been a complete and utter failure with my eating.  The only good thing I've done is try a couple of new recipes that were how I wanted to eat!  Unfortunately, I ate horrible along with them so it basically negated any good that I did.  What is it about being healthy that I can seem to follow through with?  I have a feeling that this blog is going to be more of an online therapy session for me.  It will be a place for me to talk about the issues that I have and hope that some how I can figure out what the hell is wrong with me and why I can't seem to be the healthy person that I want to be.  I will keep trying to get to the point I want to be at.  I am due to complete week2 day 3 of the C2 5K.  I am hoping that after I put the kids in bed, I can head out and go by myself.  I want to see if I do better without pushing the stroller with 2 kids. 

On a more positive note, I finished my apron for the flirty apron swap I am in.  I am always happy when I can make the tuck-ins.  For me, I feel like I want to make them since we are creating an apron.  I want to create the tuck-ins I send also.  I need to mail it out tonight and then I get to wait for my package.  I am truly loving sewing and I am pleased to say that even though it is a simple apron, I made it without a pattern and I actually love it and would have been happy to keep it for myself!

Onwards and upwards to becoming the healthy person I want to be!

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  1. Hey- we are here if you need therapy :)!!! Healthy food eating will come and go- I'm such a culprit myself, but I do know that the summer makes it that much easier to do it since everything is fresh and "pickable"!!

    Congrats on getting the apron done- I have it in my head to sew a really simple one for a little friends birthday party we have next week, but I have yet to get the material or a pattern, so we'll see!!