Thursday, April 7, 2011

Diet Take 2!

So after writing last nights post, I started to think about what is going on in my life and where I really needed to start listening.  I am hoping to get some inspiraton on what to do with my life, but I think right now I need to listen to my body.  I am always talking about changing my diet, and I end up making some changes for a short time, but then I go back to my old ways.  Part of it is because I don't think I give my body enough time to feel better and then realize that it is worth making those changes. 

This winter has been really tough on me cold wise.  Right now I have a miserable cold that is totally kicking my ass (for the last week)!  Spring is now here in Massachusetts, and I am really wanting to get outside and exercise, play with my kids, and just plain enjoy the nice weather.  The problem,  I feel to miserable to do any of this!

I just started thinking that maybe, just maybe this is my body's way of saying "HEY, YOU, LISTEN UP!  I CAN ONLY TAKE SO MUCH OF THE JUNK YOU FEED ME.  I KNOW THAT YOU TRY TO BE GOOD, BUT YOU NEED TO TRY HARDER.  STOP EATING THE STUFF THAT YOU KNOW IS NOT GOOD FOR ME!"  If all my organs had the ability to talk, I swear that is what they would yell!  I am wondering if not eating right, and probably not taking my allergy meds is just putting to much stress on my body, so anytime a little virus/infection happens, my body has to do more to fight it?  Starting tomorrow, I am going to take my own advice and start listening.  I am going to start eating the way I know I should be eating and want to eat.  I am going to continue to not drink soda (which though hard is not all that bad).  I won't list out all the things I know I should be doing, but I will start writing about what I eat and any changes that I feel.  I really need to start drinking more water.  I have enough water bottles that I can have a ton in the fridge so that I can just refill, grab, and go.  This maybe too much to ask, but I am really hoping that this will help so many more aspects of my life, which I will write about later.

Here's to listening to my body!

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