Monday, April 25, 2011

Earth Day: A Little Late

Friday was Earth Day and I have been thinking about what to write for today's post. I guess, at this point, I should take an inventory of how I am actually living my life. What am I actually doing to be more green and more earth friendly?  I know I like to say that I am living a green life, but am I really? Am I just thinking that I am doing enough and I am actually following my beliefs?  Am I really following through, or do I just say that I am living green and natural?  As always, I am sure that there is more I can do, but am I really doing enough? I am sure that there is more we all can do, but is what I am doing really enough to coincide with my beliefs.

1) Cloth diapering- I haven't actually done the research myself, but I have read enough of the research that others have done to know that cloth diapering actually makes a difference.  I have been cloth diapering since my oldest was about 18 months and my twins were 7 months.  They are now almost 38 months and 27 months.  I have definitely used disposables in that time period and sometimes I find that I am using them more than I would like, but over all, my kids are cloth diapered every day!  The only regret I have is not doing it sooner.

2) Food- I would love to say that my food choices are great, but they are not.  I have gotten away from eating beans and have started eating more meat.  I'm not really liking my diet and I am trying to get back on track.  More beans, less meat and processed grains for me (which means that's how my family will eat!).

3) Exercise- I have started the C2 5K program and was doing really well.  I was getting outside with the kids and then crappy weather hit and fevers for 2 of the 3 kids.  I was really enjoying getting out and exercising instead of joining a gym.  I am hoping to get back on track tomorrow and start back up where I left off!

4) Making things-  I am doing ok at making things from scratch.  Be it food or clothing or anything, I am trying not to buy it already made!  I made the kids Easter outfits and really enjoyed doing it.  I wish I just had more time!  My next goal is to start going to thrift stores and buying things cheap and stop always using brand new using things.

5) Using More Natural Items- I have been doing alright with using natural cleansers for the house and for health and beauty products.  I want to do more.  One of my next goals is to make soap.  Then I'll actually know what is in it.


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