Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wishcasting Wednesday

It's Wednesday once again and once again I am joining in with Jamie over at where she asks, "What do you wish for fall?"

My wish for fall is to fully enjoy the season.  Fall is my absolute favorite time of year!   I love the weather! What I don't love is the weather that comes after, "WINTER".  With 3 small kids, winter can be a time when I feel extremely forced to stay in the house.  Living in New England, you never know what the weather will bring.  It could be a mild winter, or it could be a horribly cold and snowy and icy winter and my mood is worse when I don't get to enjoy being outside!  I hope that I can focus on pumpkins, apples, crisp cool sunny weather, Halloween and not focus on the coming winter.  Also, as some people have mentioned to me, fall can be thought of as a new year , almost like celebrating New Years in January.  I find the fall weather to be refreshing and renewing so I hope that I can enjoy being creative and following my passions and being true to myself!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Newest Projects

My friend Liz over at posted a fun bag she made from  I couldn't wait to make this bag and I finally pulled out a bench of material to make it.  I love that I used some material that I had bought before my wedding (shhhhh, don't tell anyone, I was supposed to make bridesmaids gifts that never happened).  I Love how it came out!  I can't wait to make another one.  I probably have enough material at home but not the interfacing (which I didn't use for my first bag). 

Sewing this bag re-ignited my passions for sewing and any other craft related item.  I just joined in a table runner swap over at  I am so excited!  I love aprons, but I love that this is a table runner swap.  We are in the process of making some small renovations to our kitchen so this will be a nice addition to the kitchen!  I missed out on the last swap since it was during the summer.  I just figured that there wouldn't be enough time to sew it and get it out in the mail, but with school back in session, I think this will work, plus I am trying to tell my husband that we both need to make time for our hobbies (he needs to get back into his wood shop), but we are just so tired by the time the kids go to bed!

I have so many projects that I want to do.  I really need to start working on the kids Halloween costumes.  I can't wait to make them, but I am not looking forward to cutting and sewing satin material.  I probably shouldn't complain, but I hate the slipperiness of the material.  After that, I really need to start on my Christmas gifts.  I am really hoping to make a lot of our gifts this year, partly for financial reasons, but also partly because I love it.  I am really finding that I need to make time for my creativity and I hope that I can really make a point to do what I love!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Living The Life I Want

This week, I missed out on wishcasting Wednesday.  This week the question was, "What do you wish to immerse yourself in?" As I sit here and type, I am thinking about that question.  Even though I missed writing about my wish on Wednesday, there is no reason why I still can't write about it today!  I love Wishcasting Wednesday, because it makes me sit and really think.  I get a chance to sit and write down my wishes instead of just keeping them to myself.

My answer this week is, "I wish to immerse myself in my passions!".  The question is how do I do that?  I have 3 kids and we have enough money to live, but not enough extra to play with.  The good thing is, that over time, I think my passions may save us money, I just have to find the time to learn.  My passion is what this blog is all about, living a handmade and natural life.  I am starting to cook more instead of going out to eat, I am trying to use the crafting supplies I have instead of buying new, I am trying to make a lot of my own health and beauty products.  I want and need to learn more though!  I want to learn more about aromatherapy, herbs, natural beauty products, gardening, crafting responsibly, cooking good healthy food that tastes good also.

My newest thing I want to learn is soap making.  I need to get a good simple tutorial with a list of the basic supplies I need.  I don't have a ton of extra money to spend, but we are spending a lot on buying good soap so I know in the end it will be worth it.  I also have to stop worrying about making it.  Someone told me that it can be dangerous so I should do it with someone who knows what they are doing.  That has me a little worried, but I am sure that I can do it fine, as long as I take my time and read directions carefully (good directions).  I have been making cream with essential oils, now it is time to move on to bigger and better.  I just need to learn more about waht essesntial oils are good for certain things.  Time to pull out the books!

Any thoughts on good resources for herbs, aromatherapy, etc?


Friday, September 16, 2011

Projects That I Need To Start!

I have a couple of capes that I need to sew.  I found a link to the the capes ( at my friends blog  My son Thomas is thrilled when we help him "fly" and he says superman.  I decided to make all 3 kids the same cape so that there wouldn't be any fights over them.  They love "Super Why" on sprout so I decided that I will be making the super why applique for the back of the cape.  This seems like such a simple project, that even though I have other projects to make, I am going to start with the capes.

The next project I need to work on  are the Halloween costumes.  I think they will be somewhat easy, but maybe time consuming, so I really need to start soon.  I have all or at least most of the material to start cutting.  I am hoping that I can get my serger to have the right tension since I think it will make a nicer product.  The kids are going to be a maiden and squire.  I am also hoping to get to King Richard's Faire this year and I would love for them to be able to wear a costume to the fair.

I also have a bunch of projects to start for Christmas.  The most important projects are for the kids, then my husband and then my mom.  There are quilts to make, toys to make, maybe even jewelry to make, maybe some knitting or crocheting, never mind the potential of making my own Christmas cards.  I haven't been very good at making time to complete projects.  I feel so much better when I do, but for some reason, I have just been finding anything and everything else to do.  I am hoping that with have a routine back, I will be able to get myself into a routine with laundry, house cleaning, kids, and time to create as well as making time to sleep.

I have a lot on my plate, but I am really going to try to find time to create.  I should plan some take along projects so that when I am at work and it is slow, I can be productive vs just sitting on the computer.  I am thinking that knitting and crochet projects are good projects to take along to work as well as maybe some small hand sewing projects!

A little ambitious, but I am really looking forward to this.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wishcasting Wednesday and CTWW

I love Wednesdays for blogging, at least on this blog.  On Wednesdays, I love to see what Jamie over at and what prompt me to think about.

This week Jamie asks: "What guidance do you wish for?"  As usual, Jamie's question follows right along with things that I have been thinking about.  For me, I wish for guidance in following my dreams and my passions.  I know what my dreams and my passions are, at least I think I do, but I think I need guidance on how to follow though with them.  How do I make them them a part of my life instead of just a dream in my mind?  Is it possible to take them and make them something I could make a living at and if so, how do I do it?  How do I follow my dreams and my passions and not give up on my social work profession?  How do I follow my dreams and passions and afford to do it?  I guess these are just a few of the questions that I wish for guidance on.

Last week, for change the world Wednesday, I wrote about reducing my waste.  I guess on some level I made a pretty huge goal for myself.  One of the things that I have to remember in my life is that I can take small steps to get to the large goal I have, I don't have to leap to the large goal right away.  I have done better this past week with making my own tea and bringing food for lunch, but I have not been perfect.  I still need to get better at planning and making sure that I have food in the house to make dinner and that I actually make dinner.  I also need to get better at packing my dinner for work and using up leftovers.  I have been better this week, but not where I was hoping to be.  I also want to do better at not buying my coffee or my tea out.  A lot of my goals will help reduce waste and also help my finances, a win win situation.  As I wrote above I want guidance in following my passions.  One of my passions is living a greener more natural life and that includes reducing waste.  So, this is a goal that I will be continuing with and hopefully as time moves on, the small changes I make will lead up to the large goal I have.

This week, reduce footprints asks us to look at our fridge and see what we can do to make sure that it operates efficiently.  There are lots of suggestions that they have and I plan to follow through checking out my fridge.  One of the suggestions is to change the gasket.  I know that we have replaced it recently, but I will double check to see that it is still working right.  I will plan to write an update of how things go after I follow reduce footprints suggestions.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Change The World Wednesday (a day late)

This weeks challenge is a really appropriate challenge for me.  Zero Waste Week 2011 started September 5th and the goal over at is how can I reduce my waste away from from home.  This challenge is really appropriate since I have been rediculously horrible about eating out, wasting food, and buying coffee/tea out.  When I look in my recycling bin, and the fact that I recycle is the only saving grace for me, I cringe when I see how many plastic cups are in there.  That means I have wasted a ton of money by buying coffee/tea out instead of making it at home and I am using way too many plastic containers.  I have tried to make this change earlier in the summer, but I haven't really succeeded.  My new goal is to either make my drinks at home or at least being a reusable mug with me instead of using a "disposable" cup/mug.  I have also been buying too much soda and since I want not only reduce my soda intake, but actually eliminate it, I will make sure that I bring at least one of my many water bottles that I fill at home from our filtered water system.  I will also make sure that I continue to buy healthy frozen juice concentrate for the kids to help reduce plastic waste.  I have been horrible about eating out also.  This means that I use disposable products more than someone who eats home more often.  I will be planning better so that I don't feel like I have to eat out because I don't have a meal planned, there by reducing my waste and saving money.

Since the above goals will take some planning on my part, I will be forced, in a good way, to plan my meals and my liquids so that I don't feel the need to stop at a store/take out place to get either food or drink.  I will be forced to plan my grocery list there by saving money, eating healthier, and hopefully reducing my food waste.  I am totally guilty of buying food that I forget about and then have to throw it away because it has gone bad. 

I am hoping that these zero waste week 2011 goals will not only help reduce waste, but increase my wallet and help to make me healthier.  Hopefully is will also help with my stress since i will have my meal planning done and I will be saving money as well as helping the earth!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wishcasting Wednesday: What Path Do You Wish to Follow?


It's been a while since I've participated in Wishcasting Wednesday!  This week Jamie asks: What Path Do You Wish to Follow?

It's always interesting to reading Jamie's prompts.  I feel like I am always trying to find my path.  One of my favorite poems is Robert Frost's Road Not Taken.  If I look back, I have accomplished most of my dreams.  I have a graduate degree in social work.  I have a family. I have a house.  I have a great life.  What is missing?  As much as I love being a social worker, I want to do more than just traditional social work.  I want to do art therapy.  I want to learn about herbal medicine.  I want to learn about aromatherapy.  I want to learn about nutrition.  I want to learn about yoga, tai chi, qi gong and other modalities like this.  I want to use my social work degree to truly treat the mind, body and spirit.  

I guess the path I want to follow is treating my own mind, body and spirit as well as my family's, and then move on to treating others!  I want to take the road less travelled and do more with the alternative realm of healing than the traditional road.

Thanks Jamie for letting me get this down in words instead of just in my head!