Sunday, August 19, 2012

Soaping And Other New Adventures

Ok, so it's really just soaping that's the new adventure, but, I am loving the playing and the learning that is going along with it.  I guess my other biggest adventure is getting my craft stuff organized.  That in and of itself is a huge task.  I just went through my beads and freecycled a ton of them.  The best part is that I still have a ton left, but they are not ones that I am ready to get rid of just yet.  I have pretty much sorted though my sewing stash and I had sorted through my yarn stash, but I think I need to revisit my yarn stash and see if there is more to get rid of.  I did finish Michael's granny square afghan so I can now get rif of that yarn since I can't really picture myself using it.  I don't think I've posted a picture of it yet.  Next post, I will post pictures of my sorted out and organized fabric, Michael's afghan, and of course my soaps.  And spreaking of soap, I have moved all my soap making stuff to the basement, now that we have a new sink!  That is all organized!

My next task is to take on my paper making and my polymer clay and other craft supplies, and probably even craft books.  I have gone through my stamp collection and have a bunch to get rid of, most likely freecycle.  I need and want to go through my paper and other craft supplies and really try to have things that I will use, not just have things to have things.  I also want them to be better organized so that I can actually use them without having to spend time trying to find them and then going out and buying more only to find that I already had what I needed before I re-bought it.

I mentioned that I am offivally the MA Chapter Leader for Enchanted Makeovers.  I am so looking forward to learning more and doing more.  I have my first conference call the end of the month.  It feels so professional.  I am so excited to be part of this.

The other new adventure is being good to myself.  I am going to try not to be offended, hurt, or have other negative feelings about myself when it seems like people are responding to blog posts, instagram  posts, facebook post, tweets, etc.  I want to remember the comments that I do get (and I appreciate the time people take to comment) and remember that people actually may read and just not like or write something to things that I post.  I am also really going to try to follow through with being healthy.  I started to do well, but then summer hit and it all went down the tubes.  It's time to get my act together and get back to what I need to do for me!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wishcasting Wednesday

It's Wednesday once again and once again I am joining in with with Jamie riddler at where she asks; "What do you wish to learn?"

This is an both easy and a difficult question to answer.  My broad answer is any and all creative thing I can learn.  I want to learn more about holistic health, aromatherapy, herbs, bath and body products, as well as more crafting creative ideas.  I currently am looking to learn about batik dying so that I can dye my own fabric to use in my sewing projects.  I want to learn to dye my own yarn.  I want to learn more about art and crafting as a therapeutic tool (for my professional career), I want to learn more about all the creative things that I already know and  do.    I could go on and on.  The reason that this question is difficult to answer is that there are so many specific things that I want to learn.  I guess, on some level, the most important thing for me to learn will be how to use art and crafting as a creative tool so that I can use it in my professional career.

As an aside, I am officially the chapter leader for Massachusetts for "Enchanted Makeovers".  I am the go to person for MA for people who want to donate dolls, pillowcases, and/or capes for children who are living in shelters.  This is my first way of introducing creativity and community involvement into my life.  Hopefully in time, I will be able to do more of this and branch out on my own with community involvement and crafting. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be posting more about Enchanted Makeovers and what I will be doing in the state of Massachusetts!

I recently went to an art therapy conference and it definitely made me want to do more with the arts and crafts with my social work practice!


Sunday, August 5, 2012


I finally made my decision.  I needed to take some time this week and think and pray and come to a decision about wanting to be the chapter leader for Enchanted Makeovers for Massachusetts.  I've decided that I want to be a part of this organization.  I want to do more for my community.  I've decided that I want to use my love of creating to help others.  I am hoping that Terry Grahl is interested in having me part of her organization.

After spending about forty five minutes on the phone with her, I was even more interested in being a part of her organization.  She told me stories that made me tear up and cry, stories that made me feel even stronger that this was something I wanted to do.  I was scared of failing at being the chapter leader, and still am, but I am trying to get over my fear of failure and trying to be more positive about things that I want to do!

My goal is to spend some more time reading the website for Enchanted Makeovers.  You can check out the website for yourself at  I plan to spend some more time talking with other chapter leaders.  I have gotten a lot a great positive feedback from the other chapter leaders and I'm sure they will be a great source of support and help if I am the chapter leader for MA.

I am looking forward to starting this new chapter in my life, that is if I become the chapter leader.  As time goes on, I will be posting more about this wonderful organization, even if I am not the chapter leader.  I believe in the mission and look forward to telling more people about it.