Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I was reading an old post on Tara Jon Manning's blog about a handmade holiday and it reminded me of my goal to make a decent amount of the gifts that I give this Christmas. So far the only thing I have made has been a partial advent calendar. I am not following through with my goals. I also want to try to use the materials I have on hand to create and not buy new things. Of course, if I need something to complete a project that would be a time to go out and buy mo, but only if there is no way around it. Christmas is less than 2 weeks away. I have a house to clean and projects to work on. I also Ned to get overly fear of people not liking what I make. I have this complex that people will think that handmade gifts area way to cheap out. Yes, it is cheaper sometimes to make things, but I think that when thought goes into a gift, that's all that should matter when receiving a gift. I should be more confident in what I make. I use good quality supplies. I use thought when I try to decide what I am going to make for someone. I try to be careful and do a really nice job with what I create. I am going to try to get over my fear of what people will think and still attempt to make some of my gifts, if possible.

This year, have probably spent too much money on the gifts we bought the kids, but we really tried hard to get them things that's they would really like and that were educational in some respect as well as fun. My goal this year was to not buy wasteful gifts just to have gifts or because they were cheap. I really want to try to make 1 gift for each of them. If they are the only ones that get handmade gifts, I will be completely thrilled. If i am able to make more than that, I will be even more excited!

Before I know it, the holidays will be over and it will be time for me to attempt an etsy shop. I am scared to death of failing, but if I never try, I won't succeed. I am scared of people laughing at me. Can you tell that I have major issues? I have tried to come up with a bunch of different etsy names, but ultimately, I decided on the basic Amy Fratto Design. A while ago, I actually started a blog Amy Fratto Designs at Wildflower Garden Studios. I may actually go back to that blog once I start actually posting on my etsy store, or even getting ready to post things. I don't necessarily want another blog, actually I stopped writing there and directed anyone that read it to this blog, but I am thinking that I want to start again.

Goals, goals, goals. Now to just follow through!

Wish me luck and put some good thoughts out to the universe or pray that I can follow through with my goals!


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Jobs and Careers

I keep thinking about returning to work.  Not anytime soon, but I know that it will come soon enough.  I so don't want to go back to work doing the same old boring mundane thing, yet I am so scared to branch out and try something new.  I keep day dreaming about what I would what to do if I were given a choice with no holds barred.  Would I really want to be a social worker?  On some level, probably. I do like being a social worker.  I do like the whole psych piece of things, but, that being said, I have so many other interests that I would love to do something else.

My biggest question is what would I ultimately like to do?  I think I would love to do something with natural health.  The problem is, I have all these beliefs, but I never follow through with them.  We were over a family members house tonight and someone started talking about things and all I could think was "you are all talk.  You don't actually follow all these things that you say that you believe."  The problem is, neither do I.  If I really did what I believed, I would be eating a total vegan diet, no meat, no diary.  I would also not be eating any gluten related foods.  I would be drinking my water kefir.  I would be making non dairy milk kefir.  I would be making more kombucha and using it.  I would be using more natural cleansers.  I would be studying more about herbs and essential oils.  I would be studying more about art therapy.  I would be creating.  I would be learning more about spirituality.  I would spend more time outside with the kids.  I would not be watching tv.  I would not be on Facebook all the time.  I would not be checking my e-mails.  I would be either doing more with blogging to help with what I believe in not just reading people's blogs. I would journal more, and by journaling, I mean literally writing on paper.  I would learn more about set journaling. I would learn more about soul collage (which I actually learned about in grad school for social work, so I know that there are ways I can use more alternative means of therapy vs just literal talk therapy.  It has been done.  there is a precedent for this type of thing). I would be better organized.  I would cook more.  I wouldn't drive as much.  I would take the kids for walks more.  I would try to be more of a part of my community.  I would attempt to do charity crafting and maybe try to make it a community affair!  I would try to follow through with what I believe, not just spout off at the mouth, like i sometimes feel that I do!

That was one long paragraph to basically state that I think I have all these beliefs and I think I want to use them in my career, but if i am not following through in my own life, how can I make it a career.  I guess, I need to take a look at what I want out of life and try to figure out how to get it.  I have about another 3-4 years before I am back in the work force full time.  I keep writing about these things because I am hopeful that if I put it down on paper, I can figure out how to make it happen.

I am going to finish up by saying that I am going to try to follow through with my beliefs.  I am going to watch less tv.  I am going to read more.  I am going to research the things that I am interested in and see if I can figure out how to make it into a career.  I am going to create more!  I am going to continue to follow through on my beliefs such as using handmade items, beauty products (soap, toothpaste, deodorant, cream),  household cleansers, etc.  I am going to research about herbs and veggie gardening.  I am going to journal in a notebook more.  I am going to read and learn more about soul collaging, meditating, and yoga and how all this relates to social work. There are so many things I want to do.  I am hoping that taking time to write all this down is going to be helpful.