Monday, April 18, 2011

Diet and Exercise and a Healthier Me

I have really been trying to follow what I believe in regarding my diet.  Have I been able to really follow it?  No, not really.  For some reason, I tend to give up rather easily on diets.  And by diets, I mean more like what am I eating vs a diet to lose weight.  By diets, I mean, life style.  At this point in my life, so close to forty (so scary to think it is only 2 years away), I am beginning to realize thta I don't need to diet, I need to change my eating habits for life!  I need to not make short term changes, but rather long term changes that are going to see me through the rest of my life and keep me as healthy as I can be.  I need to get back to eating mroe vegetarian/vegan.  I really need to give up dairy!  Every time I eat it, I tend too eat way to much way too often.  Then, I start getting digestive issues and I end up not feeling extremely comfortable.  What I really need to do is follow through with the elimination diet so that I can really figure out what my triggers are and stop eating them.  I have a feeling that I have food intolerances not food allergies.  Why this is hard for me is, I don't always get sick right away.  Sometimes it takes a few days for me to feel the effect.  By that tiemI have eaten more because pretty much everything that I have an issue with are things that I love to eat.  As difficult as it is, I will get to a point where I am only eating what I really should be eating, not eating things that I love to eat that make me feel sick.  I hope that I will also end up really enjoying the way I eat since I will be feeling healthier.

As for exercise, my goal is to run a 5K by the summer.  I started the couch to 5K last week and am on week 2 day 2 next.  I ended up skipping week 1 day 3 by accident, but felt good at the week 2 day 1 pioint so I am just going to move forward.  I was hoping to run today since it was marathon Monday, but alas, I don't think I will make it.  I am at work til 7:30 and then I have to put the kids to bed.  I may try to go out after, but I'm not sure that my husband would like me running that late by myself..  There's nothing worong with waiting til tomorrow or even the next day since tomorrow we have a few doctor appointments with the kids.  I am going to finish the C2 5K this time and I will run a 5K.  My goal has always been to run.  I remember in junior high school my gym teacher mentioned that I should run cross country.  I was too afraid to try out and ended up in the marching band.  I was still exercising, but I so wish it had been running.  Now here's my chance to run and do it on my terms.

Even though I keep writing about getting my diet right one day, I really will start eating the way that I want to.  Unfortunately, I may just need to keep writing about my failures or set backs as my husband calls them, until I actually meet my goals.  At least I know what my goals are, now I just need to follow through.


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  1. Hi Amy- thanks for all your fun comments on my vlog post :) I feel like we met indirectly at least since I finally ventured into the video world.

    I think you are so headed in the right direction and focused with what you closed with- you know your goals, you just need to follow them now. And following our goals- any goals- can be so difficult, but knowing them gives you such ownership!!! Not like I'm one to talk- I still have goals to meet too, but I sure know what they are ;)

    In Girls on the Run we say to the girls- it doesn't matter if you run, walk skip, jump or cartwheel just as long as you keep moving forward with your eyes on the prize. So 5k or diet- just keep moving forward with your eyes on the prize, Amy!!

    have a wonderful Easter and I'll catch up with you next week! XOXOXO