Monday, May 31, 2010


My husband and I spent the weekend trying to get stuff done outside as well as attempting to enjoy the long weekend.  We spent a ton of time trying to get our veggie garden planted.  We then decided to take some time off and go to my sister in law's in Kennebunk Me and enjoy some time at the beach.  Unfortunately the weather was not as nice up there as it was down here, but that didn't stop the kids from enjoying their time at the beach.

Michael and Eva Rose taking a walk at the beach with their cousins

Thomas kissing Daddy at the beach!

Today, we spent time at Home Depot getting more plants (not like we really needed them), top soil for planting new grass, and 4 stones for the fire pit to go on.  We then went to Mahoney's in Winchester for some veggies that we thought we were going to do by seed, but realized that it was really too late to start from seed.  Again I got more flowers that I probably didn't need, but they definitely made the flower gardens look even better.  I noticed that a lot of my flowers are starting to get buds on them.  I can't wait til they bloom.  I love my butterfly garden and the gardens in front of the house are looking pretty good.  I'll be sure to post pictures sometime soon.

I still have a ton of herbs to plant.  I assumed that we were going to have enough room in the veggies garden, but wither we bought too many veggies, or I just didn't plan well.  I am kind of happy to pant the herbs some where else, thinking maybe planters?  I am loving gardening and loving watching the plants grow and bloom as the days go on!

I'm now off to make sure my oldest is asleep, then I plan to take a relaxing bath and go to bed myself!


  1. I did my herbs in planters on purpose, so they could be on our back deck right by the door and near the kitchen. Some of my favorites (rosemary, chives, mint) I put in small enough pots to bring in this winter, if they make it...

  2. What a card- That's my plan. I just need to transplant them into pots other than what they came in.