Monday, May 10, 2010

Living Well!

I continue to try to live my life the way I truly want to.  There are many things that I am working towards at the same time.  I am trying to use as many handmade items as possible, eat as healthy as possible, exercise, be creative, garden, raise my children as naturally and healthy as possible, and be a good person as well as teach my children to be good people!

Handmade items:  I am trying to cook at home, make most of my products ie: body care,  house cleaning, gardening, even some clothing for the kids (If I get good enough I will eventually include myself in this).

Eating Healthy:  I had started out saying that I wanted to be a vegetarian or even vegan maybe, but I am now actually doing the Body Ecology diet.  This diet is for people with issues with Candida.  I am trying this diet for a multitude of reasons, but I have an allergy to candida which I am taking weekly shots for, and there are other issues that I have that I won't  go into!  I mentioned this diet to one of the nurses doing my allergy testing and she said that this is a diet we should all be following for just basic health.  My husband did the diet a few years back and when he retested for Candida, he was in the normal range!  That is good news.  He wants me to get tested so that I can know wether or not I have it and that will dictate how seriously I follow the diet.  Either way, this is a diet that I want to follow to help with my carb issues.  I have been following it for a couple of days with some difficulty, but this is probably the best I have ever done on it!  You'll be reading more about my struggles with the diet!

Exercise: I need to exercise more.  I am planning on trying to get out and walk daily, with or without the kids.  I am also planning on doing some yoga.  I am really looking forward to getting healthy and getting back in shape after being in grad school (was not healthy at all), getting married and pregnant right after graduation, then having twins 10 1/2 months after my first son was born!

Be creative: I really love to be creative!  I used to scrapbook, rubber stamp, make jewelry, and so much more.  Unfortunately 3 kids limits the amount of time that I have to do any of this!  I think it is really important for me to maintain this since it is something I love to do!

Gardening: We pretty much finished the butterfly garden and most of the gardens in the front of the house.  Now it is just a waiting game for them all to bloom!  We need to get started on our veggie garden since I would love to not have to rely on the grocery stores this summer of at all possible!  I would love to go to the farmers markets to buy what ever I can't get from our garden or from family and friends.  My only issues is that i feel like the farmers markets near me are more for people to go to since it is the trendy thing to do, not because they truly want to be healthy and eat local, but that's a rant for another day!  I plan to look at some farmers markets out in Western MA to see if they are any different since I truly believe that there is a different way of life out there!
View of the butterfly garden from the kids window!  Doesn't look like much now, but once it blooms, I think it will be beautiful!

I just want to raise good kids and live a good healthy, happy, life!  It is going to be an ongoing struggle to live the way I want to, but it is a struggle worth doing!

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