Tuesday, June 1, 2010


My friend Tammi and I have recently started learning cake decorating (on our own).  We had been practicing on practice strips, but then life happened and we stopped getting together.  The next time we got together, Tammi made cupcakes to decorate.  Oh my, was it so much more fun to decorate actual cakes vs practice sheets.

My new thought is, when I go somewhere, I plan to bring cupcakes as my contribution to whatever party is going on.  Currently, I have 2 graduation parties coming up.  my husband's cousin's son and my little sister.  I was looking at hoosierhomemade.com  cupcake tuesday history and got an idea for the actual cupcake.  I am thinking that I will make a two toned cupcake.  The school colors that my husband's cousin's son (what a mouthful) are blue, red and white, so I am thinking that a white and red velvet cake with a blue layer somehow, may be the way to go for the tri-toned cupcakes.  I probably should practice them before I actually have to make them.  I'm not sure how I will decorate them, but it will most likely be something simple with the blue, red and white theme.  For my sister's party, I will definitely be more adventurous in my decorating.  I am really looking forward to making them and decorating.  This is definitely going to be my creative moment for the week.  I'll be sure to post pictures!

Here are the pictures of our gardens that I promised to post.

Our veggie garden

Our first strawberry

The butterfly garden

Garden in the left front of the house

Garden in the right front of the house (spinning pinwheels from the holiday weekend)

I'll be practicing cupcakes this week for Sunday's party!


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