Friday, May 21, 2010

Outdoor Projects

This year, my husband and I have started multiple outdoor projects!  Last year, we had a tree cut down, and this year we added a butterfly garden to where the tree was.  I posted pictures of it when I first planted and here it is now!

The butterfly garden still has to grow and it may not even be what I want it to be this year.  I may need to wait for next year for it to really grow and bloom like I want it to!

Last year, we also took out all the shrubs in the front of the house.  We were going to plant a bunch of bushes, but we decided to save some money this year and just pant some flowers.  It look ok, and you really can't tell what it looks like from the pictures, but it is nice not to have huge bushes blocking the front of the house.

My husband tilled an area in the backyard for our veggie garden.  I can't wait to plant veggies and for them to grow so that we can just go out  into the backyard and pick them instead of going to the store!  I think either this week or next week, we will start planting.

Finally, we bought a swingset for the kids.  We weren't going to, but decided that it was a good deal and bought it.  There are so many parts, but my husband is doing awesome getting it put together!

I can't wait for these projects to move ahead.  I am really liking the nice weather and can't wait for it to stay here.  I will put up with the heat, since I know that it will let me get out with the kids.  I think it will be lots of dun and hopefully we can get together with friends this summer!



  1. I love the yard and the fathers day ideas - thanks for making me thing about it so I can get started! The "Dad" picture idea sounds way cute.

    Hey I also read your other creative blog and I feel the same way - it's so easy to start projects and not finish especially if it becomes a chore instead of a joy! That's why I try to choose quick, easy projects that I really really want or need. So just know you're not the only one!

    Lastly, thanks for your comment on my wrap, if you do embellish yours I'd love to see it or if you make one. I stuck my 2.5 year old in mine the other day just to see if he'd fit and he did! There's a back carry hold I wouldn't mind trying with him if we needed to.

  2. Don't you just love the warm weather?! It so gets us motivated :) I miss our butterfly garden- had one started at our old house, but haven't put in one here yet. Yours is so cute!

    Thanks for your Trot love- he seems to be on the mend :)