Monday, May 17, 2010


As many of you know,  I am trying really hard to eat healthy.  I am trying to eat healthy on a budget, as locally as possible, and as natural as possible.  Unfortunately, this has been a pretty major struggle for me.  I have had a pretty horrible weekend, but I am back on the bandwagon and am planning on eating healthy, the way I want to.  I am planning on eating curried quinoa with veggies for dinner tonight.  I may have to put this in some egg for the kids to make it so they can eat it independently.  I really need to sit down and plan out my meals so that I can maybe stop at the grocery store on the way home from the lab today.

I really want to check out farmer's markets more in the western part of the state.  I feel like the farmer's markets in my area aren't real farmer's markets.  It seems like we are too much in suburbia for it to be what I am looking for.  Unfortunately, going to the western part of the state is not going to be easy for us.  I just want to see what they may be like and it may be a nice way to spend the day!


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  1. Well, you know I struggled last week to with some very unhealthy eating choices, BUT it was a crazy week so I cut myself a break and looked toward the future.

    It's a great idea to menu plan. I keep a little dry erase type board on the fridge and have our meals (most weeks) quickly planned out on it with information on where to find the recipe in my cookbooks. I also have a blank section for me to scribble down anything that we might need more of so that my grocery planning is easier.

    Let me tell ya- life goes much smoother around here when I have my menus up because at a glance, I know what to defrost or prep or whatever. I don't get caught off guard as much!