Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I've written a lot about my issues with my diet.  I recently wrote how I  planned to start the South Beach Diet given my issues with carbs.  Well, so far, it's been a total failure!  I am still eating more carbs than I should, never mind eliminating them from my diet.  I know that technically most people don't have to eliminate a food from their diets, but right now I can't eat carbs in moderation.  Without giving out too much information, I am thinking that I may have an issue with candida, which is basically a systemic yeast infection.  There are multiple reasons why I think that I may have issues with this, but I think from a health perspective I really need to change my eating.  I know that there will be lots of ups and downs and probably a lot more downs, but I think I really need to do this.  So as of right now, I plan to follow what ever diet is going to help me win this battle.  My hope is, that after I get rid of my candida issue (which I only assume I have given certain symptoms) I can go back to eating carbs, only this time I hope that I can eat them in moderation!  If anyone has any thoughts, recipes or suggestions, please forward them to me via comments or e-mail.  I am going to need all the help I can get to follow through with this.  The other plus to following this diet, other than feeling better, is that I should find myself losing weight and that is a very good thing!

On another note, I attended a yoga and social work conference today that was wonderful!  I spent from 9am til 4 pm learning about yoga and it's use within therapy as well as practicing therapy.  We learned about certain poses, breathing, and meditation, practiced these, and talked about the benefits of yoga within the social work practice!  I plan to learn more about yoga and start practicing it myself.  Maybe one of these days when I go back to work, I can incorporate this practice into my social work practice.  I only hope that I can learn more tools that are not the typical set of social work tools that I can use in my practice.  I will be looking into other conferences that spend time teaching social workers how to incorporate more min/body practices or complementary medicine practices into social work practice!



  1. Your right to follow and attempt the diet/healthy eating that works best for you. I didn't realize you were dealing with Candida too- my sister in law struggled with that for a while. My tips would be to look into grape seed extract, garlic and probiotics- they seemed to help for her and probiotics are soooo good for you, anyway :)

  2. TJ-I only assume I am dealing with this. I am taking allergy shots for an allergy to candida. not sure exactly what this means, plus I definitely have some other issues. My husband did the diet a few years ago and I should have been stronger and did it with him then. He was able to test and find that he no longer had it, so I am hopeful that it will work for me too! Thanks for the suggestions!