Friday, May 14, 2010

Creative Every Day Challenge! (week 1 for me)

This week, I decided to join in the the creative every day challenge.  Being more creative, or at least acting on my creativity and completing projects has been a goal that I have had since the beginning of the year.  I actually started another blog because I wanted to write about and post pictures of all the different projects that I was working on and wanted to create and post daily.  Unfortunately, with 3 little ones, that was not possible and I stopped.  This time around, I am going to post on this blog instead of having more than 2 blogs.  I just don't have the time.  I am also not necessarily going to post daily.  I will try to post weekly the different things that I have done that week to be creative.  I will attempt to something creative every day, but as with everything, I won't beat myself up if I don't make it.  I will also try to post pictures of what I have been working on, but if I don't get to pictures, then oh well!

So, for my first week, I have actually done pretty well.  I have taken pictures or my kids and my garden, spent time working on my garden, worked on a Mother's Day project (which I have to re-do),  thought about my husband's Father's Day gift, made 2 fairy doors, and bought materials to make more diaper covers (which I will be working on after I finish this post).  It has felt really good to work on my butterfly garden.  I can't wait for it to bloom.  I have put my fairy doors in that garden as it looks like it really fits there.

I am really enjoying my time creating and not feeling the pressure to complete something every day.  My goal is to do something every day, but if I don't not a big deal.  I plan on continuing to try to be creative and think outside the box so that I don't feel pressure to do something creative with a limited definition of creativity!

My butterfly garden with the 2 fairy doors.

Garden on the left front side of the house

Garden on the right front side of the house

The gardens in the front of the house haven't fully bloomed and they will probably only be fully in bloom for a short time, but I can't wait.  Of course, it may not fully bloom since most of the plants have bee transferred here this year, but we'll see!

My second fairy door (I'm not sure I like it)

Picture of my 3 kiddos!

I'm now off to make at least 1 diaper cover before the twins wake from their nap.  I am also going to attempt to have Michael draw while I sew!  I really want to foster creativity in my kids from a young age, so anyone who reads this post, if you have any ideas on how to get toddlers involved in crafting, I would love any advice or suggestions!  My kiddos are 26 months and 16 months.


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