Saturday, May 1, 2010

Living Naturally

So, here I am writing about how I am living naturally and a Tylenol recall comes in and it makes me think that i ma not living as naturally as I really want to or claim to.  It's amazing how when you re-evaluate your life, you realize that you are not practicing what you preach and not really living the way that you want to be living.

Because of the recall, I started looking at other ways to to what Tylenol would be doing for my children.  I got a couple of good ideas and now am thinking that I need to not keep Tylenol in the house, but need to get some essential oils that will help with teething, since that is really what we use the Tylenol for.  Not just Tylenol for the kids, but I really need to start looking at more natural ways of dealing with medical issues for the whole family.  I'll leave my husband to make his own decisions, but I need to start looking at ways to say take care of a migraine, back pain, and other issues that I find myself struggling with.

I often write about my eating and the difficulties that I am having with it.  Eating well and eating local along with feeding my family on a budget are an ongoing struggle for me.  I so desire eating well, losing weight (in a healthy way), saving money and cooking, but there are so many times that this just doesn't happen.  Sometimes, it's because I'm too tired (lazy), I crave all the things I love that are bad for me,  and just because I don't follow my own healthy desires for no good reason.  Eating healthy and local remains a goal and will most likely always be a constant struggle!

I need to get back out in the garden.  I have started my flower garden and my butterfly garden.  I need to find ways to decorate the gardens so that i don't break the bank.  I know that i can make a simple birdbath from clay pots and need to do that.  I would love to find a way to make figurines or some other decorative means for the garden.  I am thinking that I can make simple bird houses to add some fun whimsy to the gardens.  That I can do simply.  We also need to start the garden for our veggies so that we don't need to rely on the store for our produce!

I also need to find a way to start sewing more often.  I made 1 fleece cover that I love.  I need to make more so that I can use them instead of the PUL (Polyurethane Laminate).  I think it will help with the kids rashy bottoms.  It will be more breathable and with the summer coming I think it will be more comfortable for them.  I am also thinking about and have actually attempted to EC (elimination communication) the kids.  I need to be more on top of it when I am doing it.

Well, these are just a few of my goals and things that I am constantly working on!  On of the best things about this blog is that I get to write down where I am and where I want to be and some people actually read it.  It definitely helps to keep be on track.  I really like to journal also, so sometimes I blog here and sometimes I physically write in my paper journal.

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  1. The fleece cover should help with the rashy bottoms.. Something that I did with the kids when they were in diapers was during the summer I let them run around naked.. That way their little bottoms aired out a little... It also helped with potty training I think. I had a potty chair sitting out in the main living area and the Monkey used to play with it and I told her what it was for and one day (during a naked day) I found her sitting on it.

    If you can find a natural way to help with the migraines please share... I hate to take the tylenol and usually wait until I am in terrible pain and then it doesn't work.