Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Getting Back to Living the Life I Want

I started this blog as a way to talk about a lot of my beliefs in the way I want to live my life.  I think, somehow, I have gotten a little off course.  I have also recently read a fellow bloggers recent post,, about blogging about our whole selves, not just what the blog is supossed to be about.  I have many blogs, but I think that this blog is one that can encompass the whole me.  It can encompass my family and the craziness (, my belief in living a wholsome, natural life and my love of creativity (, and my desire to cook and eat healthy (

Even though I will continue to write on those other blogs, I will try to write about the whole me here.  This blog is about my belief system, and all the other parts of my life help to define my belief system.  My husband has helped me to learn about eating healthy and using natural treatments vs only medical.  Because of him, I have reached out and wanted to learn about so much more.  I am interested in essential oils and how they can benefit us, not just from smelling pretty and nice, but how they can help keep us healthy.  I am interested in using natual cleaners for my home and my body, and for my family.  I am interested in how being creative can help us physically and mentally.  I am interested in learning more about using alternative treatments in my social work practice vs just using traditional talk therapy.  I am interested in healthy eating.  I am interested in how a more plant based diet maybe more beneficial for me vs a more meat based diet.  I am interested I finding out how to cook interesting, tasty, healthy meals that not only satisfy the stomach, but also the soul.

I would love to lilve a life with less tv.  I know I can, I just need to do it.  I have plenty of things that can and will keep me busy.  I never used to watch tv, then all of a sudden, I am totally addicted to certain shows, though a lot of those shows are starting to grate on my nerves and I could very easily give them up.  Fortunately and unfortunately, I have the veria channel that has a bunch of holistic alternative shows that I am so interested in.  Unfortunately, I have seen them often, but still really enjoy watching them.  My newest goal is to watch less tv!

So here, youwill find posts that are about all the different pieces of my life tht make me who I am.  We are all multifaceted humans and should show that off.  You will read about my family.  You will read about my eating difficulties and accomplishments.  You will read about my creative projects.  What you are really reading about is ME!


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  1. I would love to learn about natural cleaners vs chemicals. I hate having cleaners in the house. I get nervous even though I don't have any little children in the house. I often wonder where does the water drain to when we are done mopping the floor? What about the fumes from cleaners... I used to love Pine Sol. Lately I can't even tolerate the smell of it... I also learned that it is a hazard to domestic animals as well as children... Hmmm... Not good since we have the cat and the puppy and a 13yo.

    I will definitely be reading your "Me" blog and maybe can learn some of your secrets.