Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Week

So here we are, the final few days before Christmas.  Am I ready yet?  Let's see.....  I have most of my gifts wrapped.  Most of my cards are mailed out, but there are a few that have not gone out yet.  Again, I need to be little more organized with my list, but I am better.  I still have to get a gift for my husband, maybe 2, one from me and one from the kids.  And then, there is my little 18 year old sister.  I have little to no idea what to get her.  I need to get to the mall, but I'm not sure when.  I am thinking I may try to go later after the kids go to bed either tonight or tomorrow night, depending on when or if my husband needs to go out.

I still need to cook, but I think I have a pretty clear plan for that.  I think I am going to make the spiced nuts Thursday, the coffee cake Friday, as well as the Indian spiced beans Friday.  We have to make lemon cookies for Christmas Eve also and I am not sure if my husband or I will be doing that.  I am thinking that I will bake with the kids Tuesday and Wednesday and pass out some things to the neighbors (just something little).  Then Saturday morning, I will make the egg casserole so that it will be fresh and hot that morning.  Unfortunately, the only healthy food item I am making is the Indian spiced beans and rice, but after Christmas, I need to get on top of my healthy eating.  I am still going to try to be good this wekk, but I am not going to drive myself crazy.  The other thing, is that I need to clean the house for Christmas.  We are having my family over for Christmas breakfast, and if I do things right, I will spend a little time each day cleaning, instead of waiting til the last minute to clean the whole entire house.  May this way too, I will get myself on a good cleaning schedule that will work for the rest of the time, not just when we are having company.

I have gotten a couple of of good suggestionson time management.  I now just need to figure out what is going to work for me.  I have some ideas, but I just can't decide what is the best route to go.  Google calendars seems like a good idea.  I like the idea that I can sync to my husband's calendar if I choose.  I like that I can use it on an ipod, even though I don't have one yet (but would love to get one soon).  I do have to look more into it.  I like having both the technology based organizer as well as the paper, so that would mean that I would probably print out what ever I put on the calendar in the computer.  I just need to fine tune things.

One thing that I want to plan into my day, and I mentioned this to my husband, is time to be creative almost daily, even if it's only for a short time.  My goal is to limit my television watching, or if there are shows that I just can't give up, to find something to do while I am watching them so that I don't just veg out in front of the television.  He and I both enjoy making things, him in his woodshop and me all sorts of things.  I also, like I said in a previous post, want to start making things to donate.  I have enough supplies that I don't think I would even have to spend money.  that way, I could enjoy making things, use up some of the spplies that I have on hand, and donate things to someone in need.

I have a lot of goals for the new year, but they are all things that need to happen.  I'd like to say that they are New Year's resolutions, but I know that often, people end up not following through when they wait until New Year's to make changes.  I am starting to work on these now, and hopefully, things will just start falling into place once I have a plan in place.

Have a great holiday and keep the organizing tips coming.  Also, any tips on meal planning, grocery shopping, and saving money on food are totally welcome. 


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