Friday, December 31, 2010

Other Goals for the New Year

I have written about a few of my goals for the new year and to stay along those same lines, I have a few more to add.  I am going to be more frugal about what I spend my money on.  I have way too much credit card debt and I really need to stop spending.  I know that we don't need to have a lot of the things that I spend money on, so now it's time to stop buying them.

I am going to very quickly limit the anount of times that we eat out.  I had thought it was a nice treat for the kids, and ok for me too, but I have a feeling it is more than a once in a while treat.  I have a feeling I do it way too much!

I do well with getting hand me downs, or at least getting stuff for cheap for the kids.  We went a little crazy over Christmas and with their birthdays coming with in the next month and then a month and a half later,  really need to think about what we spend our money on.  I really want to make a lot of their gifts, but there is just not always enough time.  I am hoping to use frecycle a lot more and use it for the things that I need so taht I don't have to spend a lot of money and also help the environment by re-using thigs that still have more wear in them.

I have already written about organizing and meal planning and I hope that this will also help with saving money.  I know it will.  It will help with saving time and money.  I will be able to go grocery shopping and know what I need to buy for the week and not buy food that will only go to waste.  I am hoping to eliminate certain foods from my diet and that too will help with saving money.  I will not be buying processed foods.  I will try to make everything from scratch or at least most things. 

My latest 2011 goal is to save money and reduce my debt!

Happy New Year,

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