Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Handmade Christmas

Christmas cards are stuffed and addressed and ready to be mailed.  No, I didn';t make them this year, though I really wanted to!  I already have way too many projects on my to do list, so I gave up on that project.

The projects that I have to complete are many and I have waited way too long to really have this be a handmade Christmas.  I have 3 wine sacks to sew, which shouldn't be that difficult to do, it's more a means of setting up the machine and sewing.  Along with that I want to make 3 wine bottle stoppers to go along with the wine that I buy.  These may be more time consuming as I either need to do polymer clay or turn them on the lathe (which I haven't use since before grad school 4 years ago).  I have a few felt food items to make for the kids as well as some aprons.  I also want to make them some scrubs to go along with the doctor kit that we bought them.  I also want to make a doll for Eva Rose and then I need to decide on projects for the boys.  I may have to put some of these projects on hold as there are definitely ones that I need to finish by Christmas.  I have the patterns to make silhouettes of the kids for my mom and step father's gift.  I just need to get the black paper to cut them out of and then attach them to the frames that I just bought.  I also want to make a simple scrapbook for my grandmother as she is in a nursing home out of state and failing.  She hasn't seen the kids since March of 2009 just after the twins were born (they were 6 weeks old and Michael had just turned 1).

Wow just reading that list is making my head spin.  I really want to have a handmade Christmas, but I have procrastinated way too long and I may have to put a lot of things on hold.  I know that I can get a few more things done, I just have to prioritize what I have and when I have time to complete these projects!

Looking at this list and thinking of everything else that I have to do, makes me go back to my ADD issue.  I really need to get organized and plan my days accordingly.  I start lists, but then never use them.  I make too many lists and really need to just stick to one.  Does anyone have a good system on getting organized with household tasks as well as appointments, as well as a way to keep track of projects that need completing?

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Holiday to-do lists are so much harder when there are kids to take care of!!

    As for keeping organized, I use Outlook because you can combine tasks, calendars and notes in one place. My chores are all on my task list and I add things as they come up, like all these Xmas projects!