Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Newest Gift Ideas

I really need to go through my polymer clay books.  I was going to do a scrapbook of the kids for my mom for Christmas and I still may, but I am thinking that I also want to do a polymer clay transfer project also.  I guess I really just want to do all sorts of projects and the more that I can give away, the better.  I am planning reading some of my project books and trying some projects and figure out what to do with them.

I made a new meal tonight.  It was out of my one of my vegetarian cookbooks.  It was supossed to be a croquette, but I just made it into a regular grain and bean dish.  Basically, it consisted of red lentil, brown rice, red quinoa, sweet potato, celery, and onion, with a little garam masala and curry powder (my 2 favorite spices).  I stupidly didn't plan my time and didn't bring any to work, but I did taste it before I left and I thought it was good.  I plan to eat a bowl once I get home.  My sister, who was babysitting, said that Thomas and Eva Rose ate 2 bowls and Michael wanted nothing to do with it.  We'll see what my husband thinks of it! 

I know I have another blog for my food issues, but very qiuckly, I am having a really hard time fully eating the way I should even though I don't feel good after I eat.  You would think that I wouldn't want to feel sick and that it would be enough to make me want to eat healthy, but it's not.  I just need to be better at doign what I am supossed to be doing.  You can read more details on this at http://trialsandtribulationsofhealthyeating.blogspot.com/.


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