Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Craziness of Life

So, this is the second post between my 2 main blogs that are fairly similar to each other.  Today was just a plain crazy day.  For some reason, I felt extremely stressed, but I have no idea why I felt extra stressed today.  My husband is going back to work Monday after being on Christmas vacation, and my goal is to get a schedule (albeit flexible) in place.  I am hoping that with a litle bit of a schedule, I won't feel so stressed at times.  As much as I hate to admit that I like schedules, I actually lilke to plan out how my day, my week is going to look.  I am not a spontaneous person, but I also know that I don't want to be too rigid.  I absolutely have to plan my meals and my household chores!  I really want to plan my days with the kids so that they don't go crazy, and I don't go crazy trying to figure out how to keep them occupied.  There are a few things that I want to add into our day, like arts/craft projects, dress up, some preschool type activities, some exercise activities to get out some energy, and most definitely some quiet time/nap time.  As much as I know that I should start this schedule now, I am definitely going to wait til after the new year.  I need to get all our EI dates into place and then plan around that and my work schedule.  I am hoping to schedule some play groups so the kids can get together with other kids and maybe I can even get together with some moms! 

I am also starting my gluten free dairy free diet today.  So far, I have done pretty well.  I went to a gluten free bakery nearby in Belmont and I know that there was dairy in what I ate.  I also added butter to my dinner, but I am not going to go crazy over it!  Hopefully this will help me overall, and I will feel better physically and mentally.  I am hoping that I will get a little more energy/desire to do the things that need to get done, like clean the house and cook dinner.  I am hoping that I am not so foggy.  I am hoping that I have less digestive issues.  I may feel worse before I feel better, but here's to a lifelong change to overall health.  I think being more scheduled with help with all of my goals!

If ayone one has some good scheduling ideas for 3 toddlers, please pass them on!


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  1. WooHoo! I am proud of you, not that you need me to be! You know what you want/need and you are going to work your way into it! Yay for you!

    Personally, I end up feeling crazy when there is nothing structured going on, even though I am a stay at home mom, I need a whole lot more than just knowing the kids have a million days off at Christmas! If they don't have anything to do, I lose my patience, peace, and my mind!!! Oh, did I mention that I am "there" now!?! Sure am!

    Good luck with everything!