Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Projects/Food

I am starting to make my Christmas cards tonight.  For a few of them, immediate family, I will be quilling pictures and gluing them to the embellished cards.  For the other cards, I will be just rubber stamping simple designs.  For all the cards, I will be adding the kids' Christmas picture with Santa, once we get it!

I am also going to make some wine sacks/infused oil/vinegar sacks.  I am also going to make a scrapbook of the kids from the pictures from 2010.  I think I may suck it up and purchase the iscrapbook program, so that I can scrapbook a little more easily.  I also want to make a doll for Eva Rose and teddy bears out of my mother in law's old coat.  The teddy bears, most likely won't even be started til after Christmas and I want to give them to my kids and the nieces and nephew and my sister in law.  I want my husband to make the kids co2 cars for Christmas because they seem to love cars and I want us to make them something for Christmas this year, not just buy a bunch of commercial gifts.

I am also attmpting to cook more and to cook more healthy.  I have my own dietary considerations as well as my husband's.  Then there is the need to make things that the kids will eat and that is healthy.  We are trying to eat less meat for both health and eco-friendly reasons.  Eating healthy is always a process in my house!


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