Tuesday, November 9, 2010


So my last post was about crafting for good.  I am making a conscious choice to create projects and donate them to different charities.  I would love to get a group together to craft for charity, but I don't have time and I don't know who would be interested in doing something like this.  I may put it out on facebook and try to make a group thing, but it would be very informal.  Part of me would love to do something at a church or through an already established group or even meeting place.  Again, one of the biggest issues is time.  At least I can start with me and start trying to set up good examples for my children to follow as they get older.  At the age they are now, there is no way they could even begin to understand what I want to do, but if the practice is built into out family, hopefully it will be something that they will start doing as they are old enough to understand.

I will finish my plans for the holiday porjects that I have planned and then I will start planning what projects I am going to start creating with plans to donate.  I still have to decide what I am going to do for holiday gifts, but they will get done.  my goal this year is to give at least part of the gift as handmade, as simple as the package that the gift card comes in for teh teens who would never in a million years want something handmade.

Now to finalize the Christmas gift list!

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  1. Thanks Amy F. twin! I think crafting for charity is an excellent idea. I encourage you to try to do it, maybe for a local shelter. I would happy to help.

    As for holiday gifts, you may be inspired by your first sewing project. I've also decided to do homemade gifts this year. I want to make oven mitts for family and close friends. After looking at patterns it will be as easy as sewing all the layers together and punching out a few mitts at a time. I may also do the cookies in a jar I posted on flirty apron swap. Check that out. You could buy the matierals and make a few at a time. Homemade gifts don't have to be hard and can definitely be made in bulk!