Monday, November 15, 2010

Feeling Like I'm in a Good Place

I wrote on one of my other blogs about how I can't seem to get a good following to any of my blogs.  For what ever reason, people don't seem to enjoy reading or commenting on any of my blogs.  I get a few nice, helpful comments, but not many.  One person commented that she blogs as therapy for her.  I've decided that I don't care if people read my blogs, if people follow me, if people comment, or even if people like what I write.  I started my blogs for me.  A place for me to write about the different adventures in my life, be it crafting, healthy eating, family life, etc.  I am blogging for me and not for others.  yes it would feel good to have hundreds of followers, hundreds of comments,  to know that others are interested in what I have to say, but in reality, I don't care!

This blog was started as a place for me to talk about living the handmade and natural life.  I have somewhat gotten away from that here and there, but overall, it has been about healthy foods, creative expression, and my dreams.  I want to get back to blogging about that.  I want to get back to writing about being creative, about healthy food choices, cooking at home from scratch vs buying more processed foods, eating more whole foods vs processed foods, getting the kids more involved with being healthy.

I think I am at that place where it is going to happen.  I am going to continue to write about my creative endeavors such as my new apron swap at that I joined in with, my holiday projects, my crafting for charity (that will begin in the new year) and others.  I'll post a little about my whole food cooking, but wll most likely post more about that at my blog   I also have that I want to start posting to also.  Then there is which is all about family life.

I probably have too many blogs, but I am a little addicted to writing and reading blogs lately.  Maybe one day, I'll combine them a little more, but for now, I am off and running with my four, yes four blogs!  Oh, and I will definitely be writing abou tmy dreams here.  Not my nightly dreams, but my life dreams as well as other health interest other than just food, such as: aromatherapy, herbs, tea and anything else that my little mind can think of!  I guess any and all interest that have to do with living a balanced handmade and natural life!


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  1. I know how you feel. I have a hard time getting people to comment on my blog too so I stopped worrying about it and just started posting what I wanted and if someone commented fine but if not that's OK too. It's mostly for me anyway and that's what makes me happy.