Friday, September 3, 2010

Allergy Testing

About 1 year ago the fall, I started allergy testing.  I found out that I have fall allergies, yealy allergies, candida allergy, and spring allergies.  Since having my allergiy testing, I am doing 3 shots per week and in the fall sometimes more.  Currently, I am do for my shots this week and my eyes are telling me I better do them soon!  Recently, I had a blood test for food allergies and like usual,, I figured I wouldn't have anything show up.  Well, I got my results today and lo and behold I have food allergies too (my husband knew I would be allergic to something).  Some of it I was surprised at and some I kind of figured.  The only issue is that there are a lot of false positives with this test.  The big food items that I am allergic too are cheese, egg yolk, gluten, wheat, yeast, and milk with a few others that didn't react as bad as these.  I was not surprised with the milk and cheese, since every time I eat them, I tend to feel sick.  I wondered about wheat, gluten, and yeast, but i really didn't think that there would be an issue.  Now I need to schedule an appt with a dietician and talk about where to go next.  Personally, I think I want to just cut out these food items and see how I feel.  One web site that I looked at suggested to cut out foods that reacted with a +3 or +4 for at least 10 months and then slowly introduce them back into the diet and things that reacted with a +1 or +2  for 3 or 4 months.  I will probably make an appt with a dietician, but I am thinking that the best thing to do is to eliminate these foods and see how I feel.

Today, I did really good until I went off to work.  As usual, I stopped at the local muffin shop and got something.  I had been feeling really good until then now I feel horrible.  Most probably because I ate something that I said I wasn't going to.  I am done now with eating things that I shouldn't eat.  The only problem is that the dinner I made was with flour and dumplings.  I can't decide if I should just eat it and start after that, but part of me says start now!  I seriusly feel nasty right now and really want to feel better.

I really think that I need to keep a food journal.  This is not going to be easy with 3 little ones, but I think that is the only way to figure out if things are getting any better.  So to start off today, I had tea with lemon and stevia, salad with lettuce, red pepper, tomato,cucumber, carrot, celery, goat cheese, walnuts, and dried cherries, and then I had a gingerbread muffin and diet pepsi.  I kind of feel bloated and will keep an eye on things! 

If anyone reading has suggestions for me, please let me know.  This is going to be a tough diet change for me!  My goal is to cut out the allergenic foods and also soda.

Curly girl update-I go for my first curly gorl haircut tomorrow.  I am so excited.  It's been almost a week since I washed my haid with shampoo.  I think my hair looks fine, but we shall see how it goes!


Let's hope Hurricane Earl is mild and over quickly here in the Boston area!


  1. I was wondering about the hurricane! I have a friend who lives in Flamouth...worries me!

    I am sorry that you are allergic to so many food items! UGH! It will be hard, but I am sure you can figure it out. You seemed determined, which is half the battle! ha!

    I am curious about the curly girl??? What is that?

  2. MommaB- I am definitely determined this tiem around with regards to my diet. I have some hard proof that there are certain foods that definitely make me feel horrible. Hoepfully when I start eating better I will feel better.

    Curly girl is a way to care for curly hair. Supposedly, curly hair doesn't need to be washed with shampoo. I know it sound kind od gross, but i am trying it out. I have curly hair that has been cut boy short because I hated my curls. I started growing it last year because it was too costly and too time consuming to keep up with, plus it never really looked the way I wanted it too. We'll see how it goes!