Thursday, September 9, 2010

Holidays and Creativity

With the holidays fast approaching and the kids being a little older this year, I would love to decorate more.  I know Halloween is more than a month away, but we always use to go to King Richard's Faire and I have even dressed up.  I no longer fit into my old very expensive costume, but I was thinking of making a costume for everyone this year for the Faire and for Halloween.  I went to Joann's the other day and bought a couple of patterns for female gypsy costumes for me and my daughter, but I wasn't sure that my husband was into it or not.  He still hasn't really decided, but I think he'll be fine with a pirate or a male gypsy costume for him and the boys.  These costumes will also be our Halloween costumes and since the is the first year I can really trick or treat since the kids were born, I am really looking forward to it.

Thanksgiving is the next holiday and even though it is not a huge holiday to decorate for, I still may attempt something simple.  Then before we know it Christmas will be here.  My goal is to make Christmas gifts for people this year, as much as possible.  The best part is, I probably have enough supplies on hand to make something for everyone on my list and not put a dent in my supplies. 

I really want to have the kids enjoy the holidays and enjoy being as creative as we can for their ages.  I figure there are many benefits to these goals.  I get to be creative with a purpose, I get to try to involve the kids,  I get to use my supplies, I may even have to go shopping for certain things I may not have on hand (always a favorite), I get to give people something that I created, and hopefully make the holidays better for my kids and the people that I am giving gifts to!

As for gifts, I made a rosary for someone awhile ago and it just didn't pan out for giving as a gift.  I have a Baptism coming up on October for a baby that was born in August and the Rosary is made with August birthstones.  I am planning on giving the rosary to this person and maybe making another on for the other person if I need to.  The Rosary has been hanging on my mirror for at least a year and I would love to give it to somone who will appreciate it!

These are my goals for the next couple of months.  Hopefully, there will be pictures of things that we create so that I can post them on here!


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