Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wishcasting Wednesday

Jamie Ridler asks "What do you wish to begin?"

I love blogging on Wednesdays.  These questions often make me think and sometimes really get me started on different things in my life.  This week's question makes me wonder what I really want to begin.  I want to begin really taking care of myself.  I know that there are many things I need to do in order to really care for me. 

1) I need to continue to exercise every day or every other day.

2) I need to continue to make good choices with regards to my eating habits (They've gotten better, but not where they should be quite yet!)

3) I need to ensure that I do something creative every day!  That could be a craft project, a new recipe, a new project with the kids, just something daily!

4) With my husband returning back to work for the school year I want to continue to take care of our relationship.  Having 3 kids under 2 1/2 years of age is tough on a marriage/partnership.  I want to make sure that we take time for us, so that the kdis see how much we love each other!

5) I want to continue to make good choices regarding health and beauty product and cleaning products.  I want to continue to make my own as much as possible.  I want to continue to stop using things that are harmful to my family's health (as much as possible).

6) I want to continue to attempt to make new friends and widen my circle.

Before I know it, fall will be here.  I am so happy for that.  Unlike most people who see spring as a new beginning, I see fall that way.  I love the cool crisp air that it brings.  I love being outside in that weather.  I lvoe the smell in the air.  I love the food that you get to eat when it is cool.  I get energized by the warm yet cool air that is part of the days and the cool nights.  I am not a hot weather person and the older I get I am not a cold weather person either, but fall seems to be the perfect season for me.  I say all this because I think it is the perfect time for me to begin really taking care of me.  The summer heat and the winter frigidness makes any sort of desire to do things non existent.  I am looking forward to the crisp air of fall to give me the energy and the desire to begin taking care of me!



  1. As Amy wishes for herself, I wish for her as well. I have always felt that the fall was the time for new beginnings and I still do. I agree with you. It is the perfect time to begin taking care of yourself.

  2. as Amy wishes for herself, i wish for her also.

  3. As Amy wishes for herself, so do I wish for her also.

    Many of us see fall as the true New Year, so you are not alone!

  4. As you wish for yourself, Amy, I wholeheartedly wish for you. I like your blog...and the ideas it documents. :)

  5. I admire and like your philosophy on life.. your children have a wonderful mummy to guide them wishes will include some very simular areas...being creative daily and showing that i care and love others is so important to my daily life...what you wish for yourself i wish for you also