Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Failure Follow Up

So far I got one response to my Failure post.  This response made me think that maybe I could just cut out dairy (cow) and wheat and gluten.  I am wondering if this may make things easier if I can have some things that are not crazy.  At least there are a ton of gluten free sites and even some gluten free dairy free blogs that I maybe able to look towards for some help in remaining on the right type of diet.   I know that something makes me feel horrible and I would have to say that cow's milk is definitely something that affects me.  I can't say for sure now if wheat and gluten make me also feel horrible.  I am hoping that getting rid of these foods will not be as limiting as getting rid of all the allergens in theallergy test.  As always, this is going to be a work in progress.  It will be interesting to see how I do with these changes.

Thanks Momma B for the suggestion fo slowly eliminating things and seeing how I do with that!



  1. No problem, lady! I hope your quest is not TOO difficult! It can be frustrating feeling like you are not supposed to eat ANYTHING! I hate to say that I ate MEAT tonight...we need groceries and I went to the small convenient store in our town...they only had meat frozen pizzas and I didn't have any real choices, so I grabbed some and came home...picked most of it off of my pizza, but feel really GUILTY for eating it!

  2. And, ya, pizza is my downfall! Our son has football practice three nights a week and we eat pizza atleast one of those nights! Don't tell, ok?