Friday, September 10, 2010


With my husband being back in school, I am struggling to get a little routine in.  Since I have all 3 kids all day with 2 days of early intervention and 1 day of playgroup, plus be home in time to get ready for work, I figure a routine will be beneficial all around. 

First off, I have to admit, I am not a routine/schedule type of person.  The only reason that I have somewhat of a schedule is so that I ensure that things will get done the way they need to.  Since we have things that are scheduled every week now, I am going to try to be better at organizing my day/week/month.  I keep talking about it, and I really do start to try to get organized, but I just never seem to keep up.  I'm sure following a routine will help with that as well as many other things that have gone by the wayside.

One of the things that is going pretty horribly right now is my eating.  I am trying to do an elimination diet to confirm food allergies.  I start off doing well, but then I go off track because my less than organized day is off.  My doctor said that I don't have to eliminate foods until I meet with the dietician, unless I want to.  My goal is to start eliminating so that I am closer to being done with it than trying to start it after my meeting, especially since I don't think that she'll tell me differently than my doctor has.  I guess my best bet is to make the appointment, along with the other appointments I have to make for the kids and be done with it.  I was going to start with eliminating foods again tonight, but I have a graduation party tomorrow and I don't know what foods will be there.  I know that the food allergy is not serious enough to make it important to start immediately.  I do think that I will have less degestive issues and maybe even less congestion issues if I do eliminate the foods that the test says I am allergic to.  The thing with eliminating these foods is that I will most likely eat healthier.  I have been doing better with that, except for lately, but getting into a routine and getting back on track will be good all around.

Routines and schedules are important, but for me and my family they are not carved in stone.  I know that there are a lot of people out there that swear by their routines and never deviate from them, but I am not that type of person, nor do I want to be that type of person.  My routines and schedule will be set to make life easier, but will also be flexible enough that if something comes up, say a playdate, we will b eable to attend!


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  1. As u wish for ur self I also wish for u. May all ur dreams come true. It starts with baby steps.