Friday, March 18, 2011

Health and Wellness

I can't believe that I am writing again about how much I am sucking at this eating healthy thing.  I really want to do this for myself, yet I can't seem to find the strength to actually eat healthy.  I can't seem to find the strength to actually give up meat and soda and dairy, and all the other potential allergens that I need to give up to find out if they truly make me feel worse.  The worst part about meat is that I seem to be able to give up good quality meats, just not the junkie fast food type meats.  I have to say that as of right now I need to put into place some simple straight forward goals into place and then work on meeting those.  I will pick 3 simple but important goals to work on this week and then I will add 1 more goal each week so that by the end, I will be living my life the way I want to.

Goal 1: go for a walk for at least 30 minutes with the kids 3 times over the next week (this should be a little easier now that Michael is in school for almost 3 hours a day and I'll only have to push 2 kids)

Goal 2: eliminate all soda.  (No more diet coke, or any other soda at all, unless it is sparkling water, but even then, I'd want to limit it)

Goal 3: eliminate dairy (no more going back and having just a taste, because a taste turns into more and more and then I can't stop)

I think these are simple goals that will help me get to my final goal of living a happy, healthy life.  I will start to include eliminating other foods that showed up as potential allergens and all forms of sugar.  I will increase my activity level as I start to get in better shape.  One goal that I have to male work from now until forever, is not eating out at fast food restaurants for me or my kids.  I need to cook at home so that I know what is going into my foods and so I don't give someone else my hard earned money for crap!  If you read this and are tired of hearing about all my attempts and failures, just know that this is a place where I can be honest about my failures and hope that noone will jusge me for not making my goals!


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  1. We have eliminated 98% of our soda usage. I do drink a little diet ginger ale when I have some whiskey.
    We have tried giving up eating out.. That didn't work. There are three different schedules in the house. Hubby gets home from work at 2pm and The Monkey gets out of school anywhere from 415 to 515p (depends on if she has meetings or not usually 4 days a week it is 515p)

    When you do feel the need to eat out (sometimes you just CANT cook) change where you eat. We eat at Chili's. They have vegetarian selections. They have a black bean burger that is pretty good. Vegetarian Quesadilla's and fajita's (just ask for no cheese or sour cream). There is also a vegetarian pasta that has an alfredo sauce (but you can ask for it with no sauce.)We don't do McDonalds at all (there is Beef extract in their fries). We do BK once in a while. They have a veggie burger.
    My favorite place to eat is a Chinese Buffet with a Mongolian Grill. I usually get noodles and vegetables with Garlic and light teriyaki sauce.

    You will find a groove that works for you. Important thing is to NOT GIVE UP...

    I have this Japanese Proverb written on a sticky note hanging over my desk-

    Fall seven times. Stand up eight.

    I enjoy reading your blogs. Don't quit sharing.

    Much love to you and the family.