Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Newest Thing to Try

As we all know, I am attmepting to take charge of my health, and even though I'm having a hard time making the change fully, I am truly working on making life long changes.  My newest idea that I want to try is water kefir.  I have had kefir before, and I have even had and made homemade kefir with kefir grains, but only using dairy products.  I do admit that I have tried coconut kefironce, but not made with grain, only a started from the "Body Ecology Diet".  I was not a huge fan of dairy kefir, but the only real reason I am not having dairy kefir right now, ir because I am attempting to eliminate or at least limit my dairy intake and I am eliminating dairy for my children.  Like I said, I had heard of the coconut kefir and it really wasn't that bad when I tried it, but I just never think to make it.  Then I was at and they mentioned water kefir.  I checked into it and it looks interesting.  I am thinking that I really want to try it.  I am going to look at getting the grains from either cultures for health or another website that my husband knows of.  It will be great to be able to get some probiotics for me and the kids.  I am also going to check out Dom's Kefir Page.  I really need to be more conscious about the decisions I make.  I am going to get my health in order then hopefully everthing else with fall into place.

Has anyone made their own kefir?  Have you tired kefir water?


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