Friday, March 11, 2011

The Binge Monster Is Back

My binge monster is back and it is totally rearing it's ugly head.  Since last night, all I've wanted to do is eat.  Not only do I want to eat, I want to eat junk.  Not only am I wanting to eat it, I am giving in to it.  I can't keep doing this.  I really need to sit down and maybe attempt something that I've seen used in psychotherapy meetings.  I am going to literally try to talk to an empty chair and visualize that my binge monster is sitting there.  I am going to tell him how I feel about him and what he is doing to both my physical health and my psychological health.  This may sound a little crazy, but I've heard that if you basically personify the issue, it will help you to overcome your issues.  I am going to say good bye and tell my binge monster never to return. 

This may be an excuse, and I tend to be good at justifying things in my life, but I am wondering if I am starting with some PMS type symptoms.  If this is the case, it's even more important that I deal with these food issues now, before things get out of hand.  There are so many reasons to change my eating habits.  First and most important is my pre-eclampsia history puts me at greater risk for blood pressure issues and I already have cardiac issues in my family, second is my breast cancer and other cancer risks, third is my potential allergies/intolerances, and fourth is just my overall health and well-being as well as needing to lose a good 25-30 pounds.  Add onto that list with PMS issues and skin issues.

There is no reason for me to give into my binge monster.  This is going to be quite a fight I'm afraid, but I know in the long run, I will win!


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  1. You can do it.. First step is realizing the issue. {{{{HUGS}}}}