Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Simple Life

I think I tend to make life harder on myself.  Often I have these great ideas, but they are usually require too much work and I end up giving up.  One of my recent comments was about living the simple life, and I think I really need to embrace that thought.  I am making changes one step at a time and that seems to be making life a little less stressful an a little easier to handle.  I made my menu plan for the week, healthy but easy.  I think I only have one day that I don't have anything planned and that is Saturday since there is a chance that may be our take out night.  I am getting back on track with my laundry, but I still have a ton of clothes that I have to fold and put away.  Once that is done, I will be pretty good with the laundry.  I have started to wash my laundry on cold, except for the diapers.  Things seem to be going good with th new old washer.  I really need to stop using the dryer so much.  I want to get a clothes line for the basement like I had when I was growing up.  It was like a real clothes line that hung from the rafters.  Right now we are using clothes hangers, which works, but there are only so many hangers and I don't know if we have enough.  I will be encouraging my husband to put up a line outside for the nice weather though.  I need to start making snacks for the kids, especially for Michael to bring to school.  My newest resolution is KISS, "Keep It Simple Stupid".  Ny next step is to move on to doing more activities with the kids, that is more than just physical or maybe add some physical activities into some of the more sedentary activites I want to do, like reading a book and acting out the story instead of jsut sitting there while I read the story to them.

Not to keep talking about something as simple as my hair, but as much as I don't want to have to get my haircut often given the cost of haircuts, I have decided that I want to go short again.  I am planning on going short like I was about 1 1/2 years ago.  It was short, but not spiky short.  I will ahve to spend a little time on my hair, but I am really looking forward to cutting my hair short again, though some would consider my hair short now.  A friend is looking into setting something up for a haircutting event, but I am thinking I want to do this sooner than later.  I am looking to stay local, but I am thinking I would love to get this done this weekend.  I will post a picture once I get it done.  I really can't wait.  I think I grew my hair long again for some good reasons, such as time to get it cut, cost, and just the desire to try long hair again after many years of short hair.  But I think I grew it for a lot of wrong reasons too, such as a certain person who is no longer in my life making some negative comments and feeling like I should have long hair because girls are supossed to have long hair and want long hair.  the funny thing is I remember my grandmother saying that there are certainthings a girl should do, wear earrings every day, have long hair, wear a necklace eevry day.  She was shocked when I got my hair cut so short and I was actually afraid to let her see it short at one point.  But, I will always remember her telling me that she actually liked my hair short.  That was an amazing moment.  I also remember how I felt every time I got my haircut (that is if it was a good cut, there were some bad ones in there).  I have gotten lots of compliments on how short hair suits my face.  I've gotten some compliments with my longer hair, but mainly about my hair, not necessarily that the long hair looks good on me!  My husband will say that either style look good, but I think short is better.  Even though there is some nervousnes about the actual cutting, I can't wait for short hair again.  I don't think I ever want to go back to long hair, but if history shows up anything, at some point, I will probably grow it out again. I just feel so good in short hair.  I feel like it is the only time that I look good and in style.  There is always the idea that I am doing it in support of my mom's potential for losing her hair, but that is really just a small part of it.  I am really just doing this for me!  I also have a potential salon that 4 people in my extended family go to and strongly recommend.  Ithink I may be giving them a call, and I get to keep it local, always a good thing (that is if my friend hasn't started a whole process yet)  I just am really excited about this decision.

Amy who in a couple of day will have a whole new look! Hopefully!!!!!

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