Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Recipes and New Thoughts

I have been wanting the book "Clean Start" as well as "Crazy Sexy Diet" for some time now and yesterday, I sucked it up and bought them.  I was thinking about trying a new recipe from "Clean Start", but I didn't have enough ingredients in the house.  So I went to the web and found a blog:(http://www.nomeatathlete.com/clean-food/ ) with a recipe for millet and black bean burgers only to find out that the recipe was from "Clean Food" another cookbook by Terry Walters, the same author as "Clean Start" which I already own.  I bit the bullet and tried a new recipe for my family which the kids hated but me and my husband loved.  The amazing thing is that in the past, I haven't been all the impressed with millet recipes.  The last two recipes I've made have been from this "Clean Food" cookbook and I have loved both of them.  I am psyched because millet is really cheap, and I can enjoy some healthy food.  I only wish that my kids would be better eaters.  I am really looking forward to trying out more recipes in my new books and

My newest thoughts have some from a few comments that people have left regarding different posts that I have done.  One of my postive qualities, yet one of my worst qualities is that when I get a thought in my head I totally dive right in full force and expect that everything is going to go just the way I want it to because I am so resolved about some idea.  Well, it is one of my worst qualities because when things don't go as planned, for whatever reason, I tend to back off.  A lot of time I want to make one huge change instead of multiple changes with the end result being the big change that I ultimately want.  I hae decided to go slow and make all the changes that I want to make on more of a smaller scale or at least over a period of time so that I can maintain the really important changes that I want to make.  I also think that I need to give myself permission to fail, but not give up.  Again, I don't like failure, but like I said, I also tend to dive in head first instead of just dipping my toe in and going slow so that I will be less likely to fail!

It's funny, I sometimes think that blogging is really not all that I thought it would be.  I don't have all the followers that some blogs have.  Granted, I tend not to be able to be as active with other blogs as I would like, and that may be the reason for my lack of followers.  My lack of followers may also be because what I am writing about is on little to no interest to others, but I am slowly realizing that those that follow and comment have really helped me with some of the issues I am having.  So, thank you to all who read, and I really thank those that comment since the things that you write have really helped me.


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  1. Those black bean and millet burgers sound good. I am going to have to look at the site.
    It took me a while to learn- Slow and steady wins the race. LOL. I would dive head first into things and it was like I was setting myself for failure. You are doing a great job. Little changes at a time will help you get used to one thing before you move on to the next. I told you how we cut out meat and became vegetarians now we are getting ready to cut out all dairy and eggs and go vegan. The children will come along. They will eventually get on the same eating page as you.
    I think I have a total of 5 followers of my blog. It doesn't bother me because I look at it that I am enjoying my blog. I enjoy writing it and the people that comment mean a lot to me.

    Just remember that you are not a failure. If you get side tracked just wipe your hands off and start fresh again.