Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I used to do a ton of swaps when I had more time.  Mostly knitting/crocheting, but I have also done fat quarter swaps.  Sunday, my husband reminded me of the dishcloth swap that I did on an almost monthly basis.  I loved it.  I also did a few granny square swaps that I loved, and I still have a ton of the granny squares that I really should put together as a blanket which would have squares from all over the country.  Now that I think about it, I also did rubber stamp swaps.  These swaps made me finish my projects because I had to send them to someone by a certain time!  Today, I found a blog http://life-is-a-musical.blogspot.com/ that posted about apron swaps that she participated in.  That got me thinking.  I would love to do one again!  Maybe I will try one out.  Now with the colder weather coming, maybe I'll have more time.  I'm thinking that simple dishcloth swaps would be a great way to start up again.  I know that I have 3 kids and to sign up for something liek this may be crazy, but I think it will be good for me!  I'm going to look more into this and I'll certainly post back here when I decide to or not to do a swap.

As a follow up to the Curly Girl post, a twin mom friend sent me info about a salon that has been trained by the woman who wrote the book "Curly Girl".  I have an appointment schedueld for Saturday with the owner of the salon who has been doing this friend's hair for 13 years.  I am so looking forward to getting a haircut from someone who should know how to cut my hair.  I'll follow up with pictures!


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  1. What is the Salon? My sister has very curly hair and is always looking for a good place to go!