Friday, August 27, 2010

Food Update

My new goal of wanting to cook more at home, cook more healthy foods, and use less processed ingredients is starting to actually happen.  I still need to get more organized, but I am doing better on that front also.  We have been eating stonyfield yogurt most morning for a few weeks now.  I have actually made granola to out in it, but we have run out so we are currently using store bought.  I will be making more granola soon though so we will again be having homemade foods.  I am also trying to get a handle on time so that I can attempt to make my own crock pot yogurt.  My friend Chantal, another twin mom who feels very similar about food as I do if not more so, makes her own yogurt this way so now it's my turn.

We have had a ton of eggplant from our garden as well as tomatoes.  On facebook, I asked for suggestions for using the eggplant and got some really good suggestions.  I am attempting a ratatouille recipe (from smitten kitchen)  with oureggplant, and our neighbors summer squash and zuchinni.  Unfortunately, most of the red pepper it calls for is from the grocery store, but a little is from our garden.  I also plan to make an eggplant hummus recipe from  I also plan to make my own pita bread once I find a good recipe, so if anyone has one, please post it!  We also got a ton on swiss chard from our neighbor that I want to use soon, before it goes bad and I got a recipe from  I can't wait to try it.

I found the site and am really liking it.  Now I have one more blog to follow as well as all the blogs that I find from that site.  I really am comitted to change the way I view food and my health, it's just going to take some time and some patience on my part.  Nothing happens overnight or at least nothing that is good for you so I just need to be patient and perservere though the difficult and trying times!



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  2. Take it all in stride, lady! Do what you can and work on the rest, as you have time! Try not to beat yourself up too much! I am at home all the time and still don't feel like I have time to do everything the way I want to, but I do what I can! :) You are doing a fantastic job!

  3. Thanks for commenting on LMLD. You might enjoy my granola recipe (it makes a lot! and you can freeze it).

    You can find it here:

    It does take a long time to get things simplified in the food department. I find that making our own bread was a huge step in the right direction!

    God bless!