Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I am trying to re-focus my goals.  Now that I have made some positive changes in my lifestyle, I figure, I need to re-evaluate what other changes need to come next.  I have been doing ok with exercising.  I've had a little slow down due to chaos and weather, but will be back up and at it when things (weather) is better.  I am eating a little better, but can always do more.  I have been shinig my sink and picking up the kids toys every night.  I have been better at getting to bed at a reasonable hour.  I think my next step is to focus on my eating more.  I have been having less breads than previously, but still need to do much better.  I have stopped drinking coffee almost exclusively.  I am now only drinking tea, except for the rare occasion when I need the caffeine (which means I didn't listen to myself and get sleep).  I have decided to cut out all soda except for soda water.  No artificial colors for me.  I am also only going to eat sugar in small amounts and only in it's most natural state.  I am not doing anymore HFCS and no agave nectar.  My goal is honey, maple syrup, raw sugar, stevia, and other natural sugars like dates and fruit.  I am going to eat even less meat than I am now.  I haven't been as good as I'd like to be, but I can always look at where I am at and how I can do better. I think I have been doing better at eating at home, but that is always a struggle, especially with me working.  I need to plan better.  I need to incoorporate more beans, fruits, and veggies into my diet.  I think it has really helped that I am pretty much only having yogurt and granola for breakfast.  I feel better and am not eating a ton of carbs early in the day.  Also, I am waiting for my food testing to come back to see if I have any allergies.  It will be really interesting to see what it says and where I go from there.

So, to refocus, I am decreasing the amount of carbs I eat (especially early in theday), I am only using minimal amounts of natural sweeteners, decreasing the amount of animal protein and increasing non-animal protein, and eating more fruits and veggies.  I really need to do more research on healthy eating.  There is jsut so much info out there, that I need to figure out what is going to work best for me and my family.  If anyone wants to comment on good reads for healthy eating and recipes, I am all ears.

The last goal that I want to focus on is ensuring that I get to be creative more often than I am right now.  Granted, cooking is a creative outlet, but I want to do more.  I want/need to knit, sew, paper craft, cake decorate, make jewelry, and any other creative form that I love.

These are my newest goals and I am starting to work on them as I write!


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  1. Wow, Amy your goals sound alot like mine. lt sounds like you are doing a great job of staying on top of things. Good luck with all that you are doing.