Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More Ice Cream

I finally found the recipe for the pumpkin ice cream that I have been looking for since last Friday (when I should have printed it out).  I haven't made it yet and probably wont make it til tomorrow at least, but I have the recipe and I think even all the ingredients. 

The kids are having their EI evals tomorrow and we need to get the house looking presentable.  I am looking forward to the evals, but I am also a tad bit nervous of the outcome.  Hopefully, they will all get services that will help them with their communication.  They are starting to say more, but really have no functional language at this point.  I am hoping that this is because of things that my husband and I can change and not because of something like autism or PDD (developmental delay).  Because of this delay, their slow weight gain, and other reasons, I really need to get working on getting more organized, especially with meals.  I need to start making more nutritious meals and snacks.  Not that they are eating totally unhealthy, but they are certainly eating more junk food than I would like.  I think I am still getting used to my schedule now that I have a job.  It is certainly taking some time getting used to things, but I think it has been good.

With regards to eating, my husband and I had a huge discussion about dietary intake.  I am so tired of having the best of intentions and not following through with them.  There are so many foods that i love that are so not good for you.  I love starchy carbs, but they pack on the weight on me like you wouldn't believe.  I love sweets and I love salty foods.  Again, foods that are not good for you and all 3 of these types of foods just make you want more!  I really need to get my head around the fact that I need to plan to eat healthyfor me and my kids and my husband!

So my next step is to plan meals for the rest of the week.  I started off writing about a fun topic like ice cream adn some how, I ended up talking about a way more serious issue.  I am so happy to have this blog so that I can write down these thoughts and feelings.  Even if no one reads them and no one comments, it is a place where I can put down the trials that I face trying to follow through with the life style that I want to lead.  It is not easy to live the way I want to.  We have way too many sshort cuts taht make things easy ion the moment, but in the long run, they make things so much worse!

Thanks to anyone who reads and comments on my blogs.  I really appreciate the feedback.  Hopefully some day, I'll be able to stop writing about how I want to live and start wrinting about actually living he way I want to be living!


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  1. That's what blogging is all about :)

    I love love love homemade ice cream! Last year I made a "snickerdoodle" coconut milk recipe (saw your previous post) for a lactose intolerant friend. It came out super yummy, just not as cream as cow milk ice cream.