Thursday, August 26, 2010

Real Food

I am so tired of the different informtion that is out there regarding what is healthy food.  I am so tired of food being touted as healthy when it's health benefits pretty much solely depend on who is doing the reporting.  I know that I have to be my own advocate and researcher, but come on,  shouldn't there be something in place that helps the consumer like you and me figure out the truth?  I guess Michael Pollen's suggestion of not eating any food that our great grandmother's wouldn't recognize is the best means of figuring out what foods we should and should not be eating.  When I think about my great grandparents, at least on my mother's side, I think about getting food from the farms that their families worked on.  I think about animal proteins that came right from their farms.  I think about clothing and household items that were made by the families themselves.  My great grandparents didn't buy their food from big chain stores, they didn't eat out at chain restaurants.  They made what they could for food and clothing and other items that they could make themselves.  We live in an age where convenience is more the norm than health and well-being.  I am also to blame for this norm.  As much as I say that I want to be healthier and lead a more natural and handmade life, I also tend to fall for the ease and convenience of take out and prepared foods, clothing, household items.  I also can at times spend way too much money on things that are not necessary for my everyday life.  I am trying to be more vigilant about what I buy vs what I make.  Having three small kids makes it difficult but not impossible.  As always, I try to remain focused an my true goals in life and when I lose that focus I try my hardest to get it back and keep it.  So, while I can find myself not always being true to what I believe, I am always trying to get back there.  I really want to raise my kids not to view convenience as the way to live.  Even though a handmade and natural lifestyle is difficult and not always easy or able to obtain, it is a fabulous goal to have!



  1. I just did a post about this same thing for my blog for tomorrow! SO FUNNY!

  2. It is hard! I have just changed our way of eating, this year and I have 13 year old son who has lived all of his years eating name brand garbage, so he was not so easy to sway! I just stopped giving them choices, for the most part. I know it sounds bad, but I want them to live long, healthy lives!