Monday, January 10, 2011

Who Am I? Food/Diet Related

To continue with the "Who Am I?" theme, I decided to write a little about my diet/foods I like to eat and foods that I should eat versus foods that I shouldn't eat.  I've written a lot about wanting to eat a more vegan diet.  There are many reasons for this some of which include but are not limited to: health, food intolerances, and animal cruelty.  I have been eating a lot of beans lately, not to say that I haven't had my share of junk food and I wondered if I had a big juicy steak, would I still want to eat beans?  This weekend, my husband decided that he would like to have a piece of steak.  We also thought that maybe the kids needed to have a bit of meat protein.  So, Saturday we went to a large butcher store.  I would much rather have eaten a more healthy version of steak, but this is what we can afford right now.  We went home and cooked it and it was pretty much cooked perfect.  I was good, but I definitely didn't get that "OH MY GOD" feeling when I ate it.  For me, that is a good thing.  I was a little afraid that if I ate a good piece of steak, I would be done for.  I have had a ham in my freezer that one of the neighborhood ladies gave to us.  I wanted to use it before it went bad because I forgot about it so I threw it in the crock pot today and I timed it so it would be ready for me to take to work.  I have absolutely no desire to eat it.  I actually took left over beans and butternut squash casserole type dish to work for dinner.  I have had a huge cheese and bread craving though.  I am working my way through eating a more healthy diet and in the process I am hoping to lose a few pounds.  I did make vegan cupcakes, so healthier, but still junk food.  I am going to eat some baked brie and crackers.  I am resolved to get my eating under control and hopefully, I can do the whole gluten-free, dairy-free, wheat-free diet.  I am also trying to cut out sugar, especially refined sugars.  The cupcakes that I made today are so not refined sugar free, but I can't waste food and I stupidly bought white sugar and white flour over the holidays for holiday baking.  Small steps right?  I will get there, it just may take me a few wrong turns and a few twists in the road, but my diet will ultimately be the way I want it to be!


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