Thursday, January 13, 2011

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I feel like I am constantly writing about my diet and lack of will power, my addiction to all things that I shouldn't be eating, my inability to follow through with the things that I set out to do.  I started this blog because I wanted to make healthy lifestyle changes.  I wanted to eat more whole foods, more healthy foods.  I wanted to live a more green lifestyle.  I wanted to enjoy my love of crafting and homemade items.  Have I followed through with these things?  Yes and no.  Fortunately I still strive for these things.  Unfortunately, I still strive with what feels like little luck. 
  1. Diet- I really want to be a vegan.  Lately, I am really not enjoying meat at all.  I seem to be ok with eating things like hamburger, but actual chicken, beef, and pork seem to just churn my stomach.  I haven't eaten meat since Saturday when we had steak that I really didn't enjoy (I really thought I would).  I did eat a taco salad tonight which was bad on more than one front, but I am moving on.  I really need to eliminate the foods that I think I have an allergy/intolerance to.  Now my kids may be facing similar allergies, only theirs may be more involved than mine.  For me, I tend to get digestive issues and maybe some nasal issues, but my kids are having issues with ENT stuff, like fluid in their ears and maybe enlarged adenoids and/or tonsils.  I am cooking more at home and eating out less.  I am eating a little healthier.  I really need to continue on the healthier track with my diet.
  2. Living Green-I guess I am doing ok at that.  I re-cycle.  I am trying to re-purpose clothing and free-cycle for things so that I am not buying things new all the time.  We were composting, but since the winter is here, we really haven't been able to get the composter open easily.  I really wish we should start composting again.  I am trying to use my veggie peelings, my veggie ends, etc for things like soup stock.  That way I am making my own, I am not throwing away useful food, and I know what is in there.
  3. Crafting and Homemade Items- I really need to focus more on this.  I spend one night a week with a friend to craft, but I never quite plan enough ahead of time so I never have a project (out of the million that I have that i want to do) ready to work on.  I am still buying things at stores(which I wanted to limit).  My twins second birthday is coming up and my older son will be three one and a half months later.  I still haven't made them a quilt.  I still haven't started their birthday gifts (the twins birthday is in a week and a half).  I wanted to start donating crafty things and haven't even thought about that, ok I have thought about it but have done nothing about it!
  4. Organizing- I still need to get myself organized.  I am getting better, but it seems like everytime I make headway, something happens and I fall behind.  Sometimes it feels like one step forward two steps back.  I still need to get better at having a plan in place.  Most of this means keeping the house neat and orderly.
  5. Exercise (weight loss)- I haven't done much exercising since the summer.  I still chase after teh kids, but that's just not enough.  I need to make time to exercise so that I can be healthy for me and my family.  I hope that when the nice weather comes, I'll be more likely to get out with the kids.  I can't wait though.  I need to find something now!
At least I have down what i need to work on and I want to work on it.  It would be really bad if I just have the energy or the desire to work on it!  I'll just keep plugging away and maybe, just maybe some day I'll get there!


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  1. The fact that you spend time coming up with a plan and WORK toward the goals you have set in place is PROOOOOGRESS, in itself! Celebrate little victories, such as, I haven't had any *insert favorite fast food here* for 3 days, when I used to eat it daily (or whatever fits your life) and be thankful for that. If you lay down rules like, I am not going to eat out ANYWHERE for 30 days, you will likely fail and feel like a failure, unnecessarily. I guess what I am trying to drive home is you are HUMAN. Humans fail. Humans should set goals. Humans should have expectations. Humans who set small goals and little milestones may be more apt to keep themselves in check, picking themselves back up after a small obstacle and getting back on track, knowing they CAN meet their own expectations.

    Whew, sorry for rambling all the time, but it is my GENETIC FLAW!!! I inherited it from my mom and I just can't shake it!