Monday, January 10, 2011

Flirty Apron Swap

I just signed up for my second apron swap over atr  I was so looking forward to doing this again.  I kept check the blog to see when registration opened and now it has.  This swap is going to be a Valentine's/baking theme.  I am so excited that I had a hard time choosing what kind of apron I wanted.  I am hoping to do a half apron this time and hoping to get a little more adventurous in the design.  Last time, I said that I didn't mind waht style apron I got, and I got a really nice half apron, which I love.  This time, however, I asked for a full apron.  I am thinking that I will change my style each swap, especially since I can't ever really decide which one I like best.  And, if I can remember, I will post a picture of my lovely apron from my last swap.  Have I mentioned yet that I love swaps!  Some of my facebook friends think I'm crazy for doing swaps, but I really love it and with 3 little ones, crafting/creating is my therapy/stress relief.

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