Monday, January 10, 2011


I love stevia.  I am trying to get away from sugar and for me this is the best way I know how.  I am really trying hard to eliminate all forms of artificial sugars in my diet too.  Years ago, I used to own a recipe book on cooking with stevia.  Unfortunately, as I was trimming down, I got rid of it.  Now that I am trying to get my heath back, I wish I had it.  I've been using KAL brand powdered stevia, but I was reading blog and she talked about NuNaturals brand of stevia, especially liquid stevia (she is also doing a give away of NuNaturals which I would love to win).  I want to try that next.  Unfortunately, we just bought a new bottle of KAL powdered stevia, but on my list to try next is NuNaturals liquid stevia. 

Does anyone else use stevia?  Any good recipes or tips on using it in things other than in beverages?



  1. I don't use it, but I've been very interested. My main non sugar staples are honey, maple syrup (I'm from Vermont, right?!) and agave nectar. I'm glad to hear you are trying out stevia though. It's on my list to eventually get.

  2. You won the stevia giveaway! Please email me at so I can connect you with NuNaturals so they can send your prize