Monday, January 17, 2011

Newest Events

I got may partner for the next flirty apron swap.  I am so looking forward to this swap.  This swap's theme is Valentine's Day and/or baking.  I now have a reason to go out and buy new material, but I have to wait until Thursday when I get paid again.  One goal/decision/resolution that I absolutely have to keep is no credit card use unless absolutely necessary.  That means, I only go to stores when I have money bugeted and/or when I have to.  So, no Joann's Fabric unless I can budget money for it.  I am hoping that I can make something with maybe a yard of new fabric and use some of my stash.  Now to pick out a pattern.  the best part is my partner decided on letting me choose the style of apron so I get to be really creative if I wish.  I can't wait, then it's on to quilts for my kids and my sister's soon to be new baby.

I entered a give away on for stevia.  I wrote a blog about my love for stevia in my tea and am so happy to say that I won free stevia.    For some reason, I had stopped using stevia in my tea and started to use honey.  I really didn't like the switch so now I am back to stevia.  I like honey, but only for certain things.  I can't wait to try this new stevia.

I have gotten rid of dairy for my kids and now I need to completely get rid of it for me too!  I am doing so much better, that is until tonight.  I even had coffee which I drink with cream.  That was a really bad decision, but as of right now, I am back to eating the way that I know I should be eating.  I really need to work on losing weight.  It really hit me tonight, just how much I need to lose weight.  I am back on track as of right now!  No more fun and games.  It's not only important for how I look, but for how I feel and my health!  I'm always fighting blood pressure issues and if I can't get my weight and my eating under control, I could be in some trouble!  I don't have a ton to lose.  If I lost even 15 pounds, it would be helpful, but in reality, I'd really like to lose more like 30 pounds.  I guess for now, I'll focus on the 15, then I'll look to lose more.

I can't wait to start sewing and eating well!


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  1. We are planning on paying off the couple of credit cards we have with our tax return and then it will be the same- no cash no buy.
    How is it going being dairy free? I am supposed to stay away from dairy (lactose intolerant) BUT I have yet to find a replacement for cheese. That is the only dairy we eat.
    I can't wait to see pictures of the quilts for the kids and new baby (your niece or nephew)and of the apron.