Thursday, January 20, 2011

Finding Time To Sew

I have way too many sewing projects that I need to work on.  I had planned to sew my daughter a doll for her 2nd birthday and my son a carrying case for matchbox cars (he loves his cars).  Now, here it is the Thursday before their birthday on Sunday and I haven't done a thing.  What else is new?  I may try to get some sewing done tonight, or at least get the pattern cut out.  We are, again, having another snow storm here in New England.  I am so hoping that it just gives us a dusting, but maybe it will force me to get some projects done!  If I can get these 2 things made, then I will feel good.  I do still need to get out and get a bunch of matchbox cars for my son.  I am hoping that they will really like these gifts and I can feel good about giving them something that I made!

Once these projects are done, it's time to move onto the new apron swap.  I still have to get out and buy new material.  I am thinking maybe tomorrow after we go to EI group, I'll stop at the fabric store.  I think I am going to make a half apron.  It's kind of funny that I got a half apron for the last swap and I made a full apron, and then this time, I am making a half apron and requested a full apron!  I can't wait to go and  look at material.  I love craft shopping and even though I can't afford to buy more, bot in terms of money and space, I always look forward to having a reason to buy something  new!  I am also getting together with a friend on Monday and we will be making some tutus for the girls.  I can't wait to have another friend to create with.  Also she told me that she has been making some mama pads and I can't wait to see them.  I have been tempted to make some myself, but I really need to see how it's done.  I am such a visual person.  I am hoping that once I see hers and see what materials she used, I can start to make my own.  Hopefully that will be one more thing that I can cross off my list of things that I buy.  I have also been toying with the idea of using cloth for toilet paper.  At first, I thought that it was disgusting, but then I realized I use cloth wipes on the babies so why not on me too.  I think it will be cleaner, less impact on the environment, and less paper product that I have to buy.  Now that I am writing about this, I am thinking that I may work on some more cloths for the kitchen, both wash cloths and towels.  I have some towel material that I got as a remnant and I can knit some wash cloths.  I really need to be less dependent on paper towels.  I really need to bleach the cloth that I now have and it they are still gross, I need to just get rid of them.  Thanks to, I am thinking a little more about what I clean with!

Happy sewing and knitting, especially for the home,

Oh, and BTW, I still need to make a cake for the kids birthday!  Nothing special, just a cake with stars, I think!

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  1. I loooooove looking at fabric!!! I hope you had fun! Some new fabric might be just the inspiration you need to get started...that and an early bed time for all the kiddies! ;)