Monday, April 5, 2010

New week, new thought process

I've been working really hard on changing my bad ways.  That includes eating, watching tv, exercising, and others.  I have my good days/weeks and my bad ones.  My newest goal is not to beat myself up when I don't reach my goals.  Like people have commented, this is a huge lifestyle change and it isn't going to happen overnight.  This is something I will probably continue to struggle with my whole life, but it is a struggle that I welcome and want to work to beat!

Thursday, I had planned to try a new chickpea recipe and then that night, I decided that I didn't want to.  Why, I don't know.  I ended up making the recipe Saturday night and it was delicious.  I guess there is still a part of me that is afraid of trying new things.  I need to remember times like these, that lots of times when I try something new, I end up totally liking the recipe and want to make it over and over again.

This weekend, we started working out in the yard!  It was so nice to be outside and to play in the dirt.  We started to get some of the garden beds dug and will be looking to plant as soon as the weather here north of Boston gets to the point where we don't have any more frost.  I started to plant some seeds indoors a couple of weeks ago and luckily they are starting to grow.  I was so afraid that they wouldn't grow because right after I started them, we had miserable weather with rain for days and days!  Luckily,  the seeds grew and I have a decent amount of plants that are started.  Now to try to hold off til the weather is nice enough to plant outside.

I do need to clean my house tonight after the kids go to bed, but once that is done, I hope to be able to maintain it better so that I have more time to do other things.  I need to start scrapbooking the kids pictures, I need to start sewing, and never mind all the projects that I have to finish along with the books that I want to read.  I am going to try to set aside time to complete these things and enjoy the things that I love doing instead of just vegging out in front of the tv.

I am still working on changing my lifestyle and will be blogging about how it is all going.  Since I very rarely post pictures on this blog I thought that i would post a picture of my latest gardening attempts!


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  1. I can never get seeds to grow.. I try and try but nothing... I, too, am terrible about beating myself up when I don't reach a goal or do what I want to try for myself.. Once we move I have every intentions of going for a healthier lifestyle, better food choices, less take out, and more exercise... I am forever starting projects then finding something else to do.. I started a blanket for "Little Man." I finally got all the squares cut out.. Now... Well now I just need to sew them together and finish the quilt.. LOL.. Oh and the cross stitch project I started for "Little Man." Oh and the book I started reading about Abigail Addams.. LOL... But with this beautiful weather I am not too sure how that will work.. Maybe take the book outside and sit under the umbrella and read or go for a walk or.... LOL
    I look forward to reading about your journey...