Thursday, April 1, 2010

Eating Whole Foods

Change The World Wednesday  

The Challenge for the week is to eat whole foods for an entire meal, an entire day, or an entire week.  I think I am going to try for a week to eat whole foods.  I already try to shop the perimeter of the store so that I am only buying real food, not processed foods,.  Now it is time to step up and challenge myself to eat a weeks worth of whole foods for every meal and every snack.

My post from yesterday is "What do I wish to accomplish?".  I wrote about wanting to be healthier and more creative, and more active.  This weeks challenge will help me get to accomplish that, hopefully!  I am hopeful that eating a whole foods diet, since it is healthier, will give me more energy to be creative and more energetic.  I have wanted to become a vegetarian for a long time,but never thought I could give up beef.  I eat beef so infrequently now, I think I could become vegetarian, and maybe even close to vegan.  I don't think that I could ever become a total vegan, but I could give up eating animal based products where animals are killed for the food they provide.  I could probably give up almost all animal products, but I think it would be hard to give up everything.  I guess though, I never thought that i could give up beef and I pretty much have and don't really miss it.

I am now researching recipes for soy free/gluten free vegan diets.  I was shocked that there are many blogs about this.  I am attempting to find out if my kids have  a dairy sensitivity and my husband is allergic to soy and I want to give up gluten.  Can our family rise to the challenge?  I certainly will try and since I am the cook for the family it will be up to me to find recipes that are tasty and healthy!

Oh and on another note, I am still trying to be less reliant on materialistic and store bought items, unless they are truly healthy.  I have started seeds and they are actually growing even though we have had some horrible weather since I started them.  I need to start more and actually plant my lettuce outside.  I am still attempting to only cloth diaper my children and other than this rash I am trying to clear, it is going well.  I am using my own wipes made from old receiving blankets and pretty much just plain water for cleaning their sensitive little bums.  I have made my own shampoo, toothpaste, and deodorant and am pretty pleased with how it is all working out.  I still need to work on using my car less.  Hopefully with the better weather coming, I can get out and walk with the kids more instead of having to drive every where.

Wish me luck,


  1. You are living the type of life I want.. I already told "Frankie" that once we get to Florida we were going more natural. Less red meat. More chicken and fish.. I hate all the process stuff.. We recently bought 1/4 of a cow. The meat tasted so much better than what comes from the store. However, I would like to cut it to 1 maybe 2 times a week...
    How on earth did you give up coffee? I am a coffee addict. I can drink 5-6-7-8+ cups a day.... What types of tea do you drink?
    You will have to share with me how you made your own shampoo, deodorant and toothpaste. What are good alternatives to cleaners such as bleach (can't use anyway allergic) and such?

    PS I am so glad I found this blog of yours.. I like the title in your blog list- that is how I clicked on it.. LOL

  2. Reading your post today I am so so so glad that we have met up in the blog world! You are on such an amazing path- part of it I am working on too and part of it you give me inspiration to work on :) Most recently, I just had a kind of meat revolution and mentioned it in a past post. I'm at the same crossroad, but I know I could never go fully vegetarian. I'm trying to at least go only local, respectfully processed meats/poultry etc. The thought of factory farms- oh, my stomach churns anymore when I think of them.

  3. Thanks for reading T.J. It's amazing to know that I can give someone else inspiration.

    Lola_P-Thanks for checking me out. I know you follow at my other blog but I tend not to promote this one as much. Good to see you here. How is everyone?

  4. We are doing great.. Can't believe The Boy will be graduating from our ol' high school in June.. I am so psyched I found this blog.. Frankie and I were tlaking about you this morning during our walk.. I told him that if you can give up coffee then I should be able too.. LOL....